Day 2 Summary


NO HUMAN BEING IS COMPLETELY USELESS       –              Pastor G. Aina (Rector, REGETS)


He stated that if you know you are not using the knowledge, you don’t know you want to know more, if you have the knowledge of God you will be grateful.

The man of God stated further that no matter how your Amen sounds in the church the blessings behind the Amen is for the faithful and the righteous.

He said all participant should move from the lower level of faith to an high level of faith, he stated that no human being is completely useless and that we often concentrate and capitalize on one things God has not done for us and forget the things he has done.

He said conclusively that Paul wasn’t rejoicing in suffering because it was enjoyable, but because it was bringing fruit and greater glory waiting for him, we must use our energy everything at our disposal to make things happen.

In this remarks, he said as he closes that Jesus suffer to redeem us, Paul suffer to make the redemption story reach us.

THE GOD THAT BLESSES                –              Pastor (Prof) S.O. Ewuola


The first installment of our convention teaching was delivered by the Deputy General Overseer, Pastor (Prof) S.O. Ewuola.

In the course of the lecture, THE GOD THAT BLESSES, the servant of God cited Abraham, Noah, Obed-edom, Job and Jacob as examples of people who were at various times blessed by God.

The Deputy General Overseer further highlighted some common characteristics found in the lives of these epitomes of God’s blessings. These characteristics include unflinching faith in God and total obedience of His word. These characteristics unlocked the blessings of God on these men.

God’s blessings are released upon us immediately after our creation (Gen.1:26-28).

The blessings of God most times shatter all existing social, human and every other form of protocols.

The man of God on a concluding note said “We as believers today share in a greater blessing, the blessings of Jesus Christ. We are made to flourish and increase exponentially.



The first message of the evening session of the second day which was taken by the regional pastor for region 14 (PASTOR PETER AWODIMILA) in which the focus is on the yet unfinished task which the reference is taken from Mark 16: 15- 20.

                He stated that the message (task) given to us is to go out to win souls for Christ, He said that the target of the task is the whole world, all cities and all humans.

                He portrayed his message by making a comparison between the life of John the baptise and Jesus as an ambassador of the great task who has a dangerous resolution.

                The man of God stated in the continuation of his message that men also need to imitate Christ by participating in this resolution, risk must be taken says the man of God.

                The servant of God stated the reason why hell is increasing, he said Asia has a population of 4.5 billion people, it has not less than 12% Christian and there is a need for a rising of men who will take risk to get on the race.


The report started with appreciation of the mission for their support towards the missions department and how they have been supportive in all areas, and an appreciation was pass to the department predecessor, Pastor Daniel Aghanenu, who is now the current Pastor for Region four, also thanking the staff who assiduously laboured with him to accomplish the little they have done.


We appreciate God for the support given to us by our fathers in the lord, there is a list of fields requiring attention bordering on land and building projects, these projects we aspire to embark upon in conjunction with our principal officers in their respective jurisdiction i. E district and regional pastors, some of these pending projects are spread across various fields. the initial start-up fund of three hundred thousand naira was  approved by the missions board which only covers the fundamental elements of the building project. There are other fields crying for attention cutting across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria.


A solidarity visit was paid to Ebedei field by four members of staff, to have an on the spot assessment and to encourage our missionary.

Members of staffs stormed oke-ogun axis of Oyo state, they were able during the two weeks of the mission trip to reach both Ago-Are and Igboho to consolidate and expand the work on both fields.

A new church was planted at Ago-Are and a follow up carried out at Igboho, an open air meeting which lasted for four days had 66, 150, 142, and 161 souls in attendance respectively. In all, 83 souls answered the altar call for salvation in which it was believed that the seed of the Gospel had been sown.


By the grace of God and full support of our leaders school of missions is still flourishing. A total number of six trainees rounded off their training on July 31st 2016 with a get-together and commissioning service. In the same vein, the duo of the HOD and the principal of the school of mission attended a perspectives course at ibeju-lekki between 24th and 27th of April 2016, it was basically meant for National Instructors on missions.


Under the able leadership of two giants of the Lord, the duo of Evang. Zacchaus  Ilori and Evang. Gideon  Eesuola, many rural areas experienced encouragement, outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and core field training activities as the Lord granted headway.


Some of the District/Area was visited in the course of creating awareness, updating the people and mobilizing for material and monetary support.


As we continue to appreciate those who have supported us in the past with motorcycles, it is imperative to mention the fact that as more missionaries are trained, more motorcycles are needed hence the incessant requests. On the 19th of June 2016, a motorcycle was donated in form of cash while we still believe god for a hummer bus to save cost on our trips as it could convey a large number of people at a time.


Oba Adedayo George Akande and olori Feyisayo Modupe Akande the Olusi of Usi Ekiti Land who despite the position attained as the king neglected all the rites and rituals that was meant to be and took a stand for Jesus who has been helping him.

Before he became a king he was a Christian and even after kingship he still maintains his stand.

He said that while he was young, he has been destined to be king in which he knew it will eventually come up, he raise prayer warriors  so as to avert that but as destiny would have it, it was irreversible, he became the king since over (8) eight years ago.

He stated that when he became the king he raised prayer warriors which he named THE GIDEON ARMY in which a pastor of this mission was part (Pastor James Owolabi)

A (7) seven day crusade was organized in order to show the town that he stands for Christ and some of our mission ministers have been invited to minister in the likes of Evang Falade, Evang Salako,.

The Oba pleaded with the general overseer that if a call is been made for help, help should be rendered by the mission.

The G.O presented to the king his book “THE TREASURE OF DECADE” thereafter he prayed for the king.

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