Text: Acts 16:16-26


The exploits in the communication and other technology sectors in the world in recent years was phenomenal. Many of the devices produced, which are available for use today are capable of maneuvering information and events phenomenally. Similar exploits have been going on in the spirit realm for a long time. Those of us who are involved in spiritual matters must not be ignorant of this. Otherwise, satanic forces would take undue advantage to maneuver things negatively to our detriment.

There is a big lesson to learn from Paul and Sila’s experience. First and foremost, they were introduced to us in this passage through their unceasing in prayer.

It is good that we, also are starting this year with prayers.

In the story, Satan anointed a damsel and sent her to disguise as a believer. She went there and became actively involved in the Church programme. If not for Paul’s spiritual sensitivity that discerned her as an agent of Satan; the Church would have been in trouble. The young lady was there to serve as satanic antenna to manipulate the Church through the remote control of her master.

A similar thing is happening in the Church of today. Our inability to achieve our God-given goals in the Church is attributed to Satanic obstruction through his agents. They come to the Church and pretend to be children of God, but they are wolves in sheep’s skin. Many of them have been warmly accepted into the fellowship of the believers and are causing serious havocs. In fact, some of them are occupying sensitive positions to execute satanic agenda. Unlike Paul of old, many of us in the Church are not prepared to rock the boat against these agents of darkness. The reasons are not far-fetched:

  • We fail to discern satanic agents through intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit.
  • We erroneously assume, all those who come to the Church are true believers.
  • We don’t want to offend anybody. So, if we love the Lord, love the Church and are concerned about the will of God, we must pull down satanic antenna and destroy its remote control.


  1. As we pray this month, Lord, hear our prayers and give us absolute victory over our foes oh dear Lord.
  2. Dear father, expose all demon-possessed people in our Church and destroy their works oh Lord.
  3. There is no communication between darkness and light, we command total separation of all agents of darkness in our Church in Jesus name.
  4. We command the destruction of all satanic antenna in GOFAMINT in Jesus name.
  5. We command terror upon all strange spirit and decree that they begin to go out of GOFAMINT’s territory in Jesus name.
  6. Whoever represents “ the prince of the world” among us, we command you to carry your bag and baggage and move out of GOFAMINT in Jesus name.
  7. Grant to all our leaders the courage to stand against agents of darkness in Jesus name.
  8. Grant our ministers, the gift of discernment through which they will be able to thoroughly deal with any satanic agent.
  9. We command that all evil works of Satan and his agents in GOFAMINT to stop henceforth.
  10. We raise up the standard of the Holy Spirit against the inflow of the enemy to our Church in Jesus name.
  11. We disorganize all programmes of evil being put together against our welfare in Jesus name.
  12. We paralise the activities of all sponsored agents of the devil to pull down stars in our midst in Jesus name.
  13. Dear father, the Church is your body, cleanse it and make it whole for your glory.
  14. The same way Jesus used cane to chase out those buying and selling from the temple, we use the name of Jesus to chase out all evil spirits doing illegal transactions in this Church in Jesus name.
  15. Whoever might have been attacked for the sake of the truth and has sustained injury one way or the other in this Church; we command total healing in Jesus name.
  16. All those who planning captivity for us in GOFAMINT, we hold them captive in Jesus name.
  17. Let an end come to the works and operations of Satan in our Church and give us a new beginning oh Lord.
  18. Any satanic agent that has been sent to destroy my life, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  19. We decree the experience of a new era of absolute victory in all GOFAMINT assemblies and for every GOFAMINT members in Jesus name.

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