DAY 17: Monday 18th January 2016


DAY 17: Monday 18th January 2016


Text Zech. 3:1 -10, I Sam. 2:27 – 36


Joshua in our text today was the high priest of his time, while Hophni and Phinehas were also priests at their own time. The priest’s duties were to stand before God in intercession and representation on behalf of the people. From the above Bible stories it is obvious that there is more than meet the eyes in the priests’ life-stories. Because they were destiny-carriers; Satan was all around to push them into sin in order to truncate their calling and defeat God’s purpose.

The story of Hophni and Phinehas was pathetic, regrettable and disastrous. As disastrous as their case was, it was however recorded there in the Bible that we may learn from it and avoid being a similar victim.

That of Joshua portrays a number of lessons and prayer points. Let us note the followings:

  1. Joshua was called by God and was ministering in the priest’s office (Zech. 1:1A)
  2. The ministering angel stood in front of him (Zech. 1:1B)
  3. Satan still had the gut to stand at Joshua’s right hand (Zech. 1:1C)
  4. God intervened and rebuked Satan (Zech. 1:2)
  5. Joshua had a filthy garment on him, even as a priest (Zech.. 1:3).
  6. Special ministration was carried out to remove the filthy garments which stood for iniquity. A garment of righteousness was exchanged for his filthiness at the command of the angel. (Jos. 1:4- 5).
  7. Joshua was sternly and seriously warned to part with iniquity and toe the path of godliness (Jos. 1:6 -7)


  1. We Christians today are royal priests and the chosen generation (I Peter 2:9). It is demanded and required of us to lead a sin-free, separated and sanctified life (I Peter 2:11). Failure to do so will give satan an opportunity to stand at our right hand (which is our hand of success) to resist our prosperity and breakthrough.
  2. The filthy garment upon Joshua represents iniquity in the lives of believers. If God opens our eyes to see the secret of many people in the Church today, it will be somehow shocking and beyond expression. The same way the Lord told the angel to change Joshua’s garment of filthiness . He is willing to change ours as well. Like Joshua, we must be willing to part with iniquity. “Let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity” (II Tim 2:19). We must make-up our minds. Iniquity and divine destiny cannot inhabit a human life. Forsake iniquity and fulfill your destiny or stick to your sin and forget about fulfilling destiny. You can not eat your cake and have it.

Our Church, GOFAMINT is a land of destiny fulfillment, while her members are destiny-loaded people. For us to deliver these destinies to the glory of God and benefit of mankind; we must dissociate and disengage ourselves any sinful act. Our prayer of deliverance today will touch on our individual lives and our Church as a unit in the body of Christ.


  1. Thank you dear Lord for making us your royal priesthood and a chosen generation. We are happy and thankful to you.
  2. Help me Lord to be faithful to you and be truthful to my confession.
  3. 15:8 Help me dear Lord, not to serve you with my mouth alone, but with my whole heart.
  4. II Cor. 14:2 Help me dear Lord to renounce all hidden things of dishonesty in my life in Jesus name.
  5. In the mighty name of Jesus, every filthy garment of iniquity upon me, catch fire in Jesus name,
  6. Anything which represents evil in our midst, is rebuked, binded and cast out in Jesus name.
  7. We decree supernatural deliverance upon everyone in GOFAMINT who is under the bondage of sin in Jesus name.
  8. We invoke the fire of God upon every spirit of iniquity in the life of every member in Jesus name.
  9. We decree a compulsory separation between sin and every member of GOFAMINT in Jesus name.
  10. We command the exposure of all harboured and hidden sins in the length and breadth of GOFAMINT in Jesus name.
  11. Let the life and fire of your word increase in our Church to impact our lives positively in Jesus name.
  12. Every spirit resisting the word of God, we bind you in Jesus name.
  13. Every power resisting the move of the Holy in our Church, we rebuke and cast you out in Jesus name.
  14. Every spirit and power working against passion for evangelism, mission work and Church growth, catch fire in Jesus name.
  15. We rebuke Satan standing at our right hand, resisting our success and progress in Jesus name.
  16. Dear Lord, I receive your grace to walk in your way and fulfill my destiny on earth in Jesus name.
  17. Today, we declare our Church open and ready for the presence of the awesome God and the activities of the ministering angels in Jesus name.

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