Day 16: Friday 17th January 2014

Day 16: Friday

17th January 2014


Texts: ProvERBS 10:15; PsALMS 41:8, 35:27; II CorINTHIANS 8:9


God delights in the prosperity of His children. This simply means that God never has pleasure in the poverty of His children. Poverty does not glorify God in any form. Poverty is bad; it is not the will of God for His people and His Church.

Poverty is not a sin but a killer disease. Poverty limits and inhibits. It depresses and oppresses. It ruins, disfigures and devalues human life. Poverty frustrates and embarrasses.

Poverty is deadly and destructive. It is a forerunner of disgrace and shame.

Today, poverty is one of the most powerful instruments that Satan uses to torment and trouble the people of God. Poverty is a killer of good visions and dreams. Poverty is not a virtue but a vice. Poverty is in sizes. It’s associated with limitation, lamentation, wilderness, shame, causeless borrowing and frustration.

There is nothing good in poverty. It does not promote righteousness nor encourage holiness. Today, many believers are poor because of many factors and most of them are man-made. This simply means to overcome poverty is not consequential on prayer only. We need to understand the causes of poverty among believers and the biblical ways to overcoming them. This requires that we acquire the right financial education. It has been observed that to become rich is about 30% money and 70% idea. Most of our members want to overcome poverty through prayer alone. Is it really possible? You cannot overcome poverty if you lack proper education about making money, keeping and growing money. Many people today are trained in the areas of their weaknesses; where they don’t have comparative advantage over others. Our pulpits have much to do if our people must be liberated from poverty.

War Against Evil Disease (Ps. 41:8; Lk. 13:10-13; Mk. 5:25-34)

In Psalm 41:8 The Bible talks about an evil disease. This is a deadly illness. It is any kind of sickness that makes recovery too difficult and impossible from human perspective. However, our God is the God of all flesh. There is nothing impossible with Him. “He killeth and maketh alive”. We need to wake up and put an end to any form of untimely death through evil diseases.

Yes, we are right in our theology, we all know and preach that God can do the humanly impossible. This is time we need to activate the power of God to make the miraculous a normal and natural occurrence in our lives. Beloved, there is no problem that is beyond the power of God. We can enjoy divine health and divine healing. God is still the Almighty healer.


1.       O Lord, open my eyes to see that area where I have brought the spirit of poverty and smallness upon myself.

2.       O Lord, help me to develop healthy habit for financial breakthrough and prosperity

3.       Holy Spirit, give me the sense to acquire the needed skill, training and principle that will liberate me from poverty to prosperity.

4.       Holy Spirit, excommunicate from my life the spirit of the prodigal son, which is a wasteful spirit.

5.       In Jesus name, I bind the spirit of poverty and smallness in my life and family

6.       O Lord, open my eyes to opportunities for prosperity that abound around me.

7.       O Lord, help me to be prompt in taking the right decision and not to procrastinate on maximizing opportunities that come my way.

8.       You spirit enacting the covenant of poverty and smallness in my life and family be bound in Jesus name.

9.       Holy Spirit, destroy everything set in motion within and around me to plunge and keep me in the pit and snare of poverty.

10.     I declare by the power of Jesus that in all my labor, I will reap the profit therein.

11.     Doctor Jesus, up root and destroy any seed of disease and infirmity that is still silent in my body.

12.     Lord Jesus, heal and replace any sickness and infected organ in any part of my body

13.     Lord Jesus, purge my entire body system with your blood from any deposit of sickness, infirmity and diseases.

14.     Lord Jesus, keep me and my family in perfect health and shield us from all forms of diseases plaguing people all over the world.

15.     Holy Spirit, cause me to be filled with all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19).

16.     O Lord, pour out your spirit upon GOFAMINT until every wilderness becomes a fruitful field and the fruitful fields, a forest.

NOTE: There should be a special prayer for all our members that are suffering from any kind of evil diseases.


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