TEXTS: Daniel 6:3; Psalms 23:5, 45:7;  92:10; Isaiah 11:1-2


Excellence’ in Biblical definition by its original Greek vision is ‘arete’ or in
English ‘virtue’, which denotes ‘whatever procures pre-eminent estimation
for a person or thing’.
‘Arete’ describes the excellence of God. It is developed through a process of meditation because it proceeds from the heart.

Excellence in life and ministry is non-negotiable for this is the will of God for His saints. The spirit of excellence is a spirit that gives you an edge over and above the others. The spirit of excellence upon Daniel made him preferred above the others because he had solution to the problem of the King.

A man that carries the spirit of excellence will surely have solution to the problem of the people and will dine with the kings, not mean men.

You need the Spirit of excellence in every area of your life because you are created with a purpose for ministry and mission so, you must excel both in life and ministry.

When God baptizes you with the spirit of excellence, you will become a blessing to people, everywhere you go, you will carry solution to meet the need of people. As God blessed Daniel with the spirit of excellence, let us ask the Lord in like manner to endow us with the spirit of excellence.

Paul encouraged the believers at Corinth to seek to excel in their operation of spiritual gifts, so that they may build the Church. This can only be done through the impartation of anointing.

Anointing is divine endowment upon an ordinary man that brings about supernatural performances. When the anointing of the Holy Spirit comes upon a man, it turns his weakness to divine strength and causes him to be master of situation and circumstances. God initially planned from the beginning that man should have dominion but as a result of his fall, he lost that grace and this can only be regained in Christ by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

You are created to have dominion in life both spiritually and physically. Whenever a situation or circumstance prevails against you, it implies you are being dominated and you must therefore ask for the help of God and anointing of the Holy Spirit for your liberation.

You are created a champion in destiny, you are not a failure. You must have the understanding that God has make a provision for all you need to have and all round dominion in your life, therefore, arise and enjoy the goodness of God by His anointing.


1.      We receive the spirit of creativity in all our endeavors in the mighty name of Jesus.

2.      In everything we do, make us the best and let our ministries flourish in the mighty name of Jesus.

3.      Make us an history maker, in our generation O Lord and help us to rise above limitations.

4.      Give us O Lord, a conquering spirit and a triumphant mind in the mighty name of Jesus.

5.      I receive the grace to be a mover and shaker of destiny and I remain formidable force for the advancement of Your Kingdom.

6.      No situation or circumstances shall have dominion over me in the name of Jesus.

7.      Open Psalm 24: 7, and pray that all the gates and everlasting doors which constitute hindrances and stumbling blocks to your progress in life will lift up and disappear at the appearance of the King of Glory in your situation.

8.      Make declarations for yourself as follow:

(i)      Let every wall of Jericho before my Joshua fall down flat, every Red Sea before my Moses part and every Goliath before my David fall down and die for me to move forward in Jesus’ Name.

(ii)     O Lord, transfer, remove or change all human agents that are bent on stopping my advancement, and smoothen my path to top by your hand of fire in Jesus’ Name.

9.      Now, faithfully declare; in the name of Jesus, “because the gifts of man maketh room for him and places him before great men” (Prov. 18: 16), it is time for your excellence to manifest in every area of life and endeavor.

10.    Joseph was promoted from prison to palace. Pharaoh said unto Joseph. “See, I have thee over the land of Egypt”. Declare that in the same manner, the Lord will this year set you on high according to His word in (Deut. 28:1-2).

11.    Using Daniel 6:3, claim from the Almighty God the same spirit of excellence as He gave Daniel, which made him to be the first and best of the 3 Presidents in the land of Babylon.

12.    Because wisdom will promote, bring you honor, give ornament of grace and crown of glory; (Prov. 4: 4-9), declare that through the anointing of excellent wisdom (James 1:5) the Lord will lift you up as He lifted Solomon.

13.    Now, speak out the words of positive destiny into yourself that, “O Lord, bring honey out of the rock for me this year, and open all good doors of my life which household wickedness had shut.

14.    Cry like Jabez: “O Lord, enlarge my coast beyond my wildest dreams and I claim back all my goods presently residing in wrong hands in Jesus’ name.

15.    Now make the declaration “I bulldoze my way into excellent breakthrough this year and let every opposition to my breakthrough crash out into oblivion in Jesus’ Name.

16.    As our father Abraham grew in faith and glory, so may we also grow in faith and glory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

17.    O Lord, cause our path to shine brighter and brighter to our perfect day in the Jesus’ name.

18.       The grace that helped Stephen, Philips and the likes; help all our workers and leaders to do more exploits in the mighty name of Jesus.

19.    The grace of God will help this Church to fulfill destiny and  the anointing of God will continue to increase more and more in the mighty name of Jesus

20.       Lord, I claim the grace to do exploits in advancing the frontiers of the Kingdom and to mount up with wings as eagles by the Holy Spirit.


(i)      You want God to cause you to shine in such a way that you become the story of success which your family has been lacking and looking for.

(ii)     All those who are expecting some projects for perfection before this year ends. Those expecting various types of congratulations from this week till year ends.

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