TEXT: PSALM 43:1-5


Our prayer focus today is an ironic one, GOFAMINT in Africa! This is talking about GOFAMINT’s mission in Africa. It is ironic in the sense that the African continent is economically backward while GOFAMINT on the other hand is an organization still struggling to have a strong financial base.

As a Church ordained and designed to reach the world with the word, we are ready to keep this mandate wherever an entrance is open unto us.

Zechariah 1:17 says, the kingdom of God shall spread abroad through prosperity. Going to African countries with the gospel can only succeed if efforts are made to meet the people’s material needs because of the prevailing situation of poverty across the land.

Some of the sister Churches who are making in-roads to many of the African countries are doing so because they are economically empowered.

Africa has about fifty-five countries. GOFAMINT has struggled to make her presence known in about fifteen and well established in five countries, namely: Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, South Africa and Botswana. The other ten are still at the struggling stages.

We should not forget that Africa is as old as the other Continents of the world. Egypt and Ethiopia, for instance are not only Biblical countries, they are also reputed to be cradles of civilization. During the early Church, when Christianity was spreading into the entire world, Egypt, Ethiopia and almost all North African Countries were covered by Christianity. After some centuries, Islam came and swept over those countries. It was so pathetic that Christianity in many of these countries today is less than ten percent of their population. Is it not ironic?

Now that GOFAMINT wants to take the bull by the horns, spreading the gospel all over the continent again, we need to pray for both spiritual and economic empowerment. We need to pray concerning the work as well as the secular leaders of the different countries. God will touch their hearts to make life better for the citizenry


  1. Thank You Father, for the establishment of GOFAMINT in Africa.
  2. Thank You Lord, for the vessels of honor You used to establish GOFAMINT in Nigeria and few other countries where it is thriving.
  3. Because the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, we take over African continent for Jesus today.
  4. We request for divine help for proper establishment of GOFAMINT In those countries where the Mission is still struggling to survive.
  5. Give us the keys to open those countries that remain closed to us hitherto in Jesus’ name.
  6. We ask that You give us true laborers, who will spend and be spent to establish the Church all over Africa in Jesus’ name.
  7. Open to us Lord, divine resources in GOFAMINT whereby we can embark upon meaningful mission work all over Africa.
  8. Lord, bless those who have been supporting and sponsoring our missionary works that they may be encouraged to do more for the advancement of the gospel.
  9. Raise sponsors for this work from within and without, fill our hearts with passion.
  10. Let there be light upon the length and breadth of Africa that the gospel may spread like fire.
  11. Like Dagon idol of the Philistinians of old, let all cherished idols of African countries fall and crumble in Jesus’ name.
  12. Continue to strengthen our Churches in those countries where they are strong that they may continue to gain more grounds.
  13. Provide in full for the needs of the ministers working in different African countries, so that they may continue to do the work with joy, o Lord.
  14. Hand over the keys to open all African countries to GOFAMINT, o dear Lord.
  15. Like men of Issachar, teach our pastors in every African country to know what they ought to do to grow the Churches under them.
  16. We send the word of healing into all African countries, let there be healing in Jesus’ name.
  17. We prophesy Africa, take your rightful position in the end-time divine agenda for the world in Jesus’ name.
  18. We prophesy the dawn of a new day spiritually, politically, socially and economically in every African country in Jesus’ name.
  19. We decree the removal of all agents of oppression and wickedness in the affairs of all African countries in Jesus’ name.
  20. Lord, give us kings like David, a man after God’s heart who would make lives better for the African people in Jesus’ name.

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