Preamble: Dry bones in spiritual connotation means lifelessness and nothingness. When Christians who are members of the body of Christ experience a similar situation; there is definitely a cause for alarm! That shows that things are no longer the same again. That is the situation with a good number of believers in the Church today. They are lifeless, colorless and useless. That account for those things that were supposed to be working but are not working in the Church.

The resultant effect was that the Church has become: 1. The valley of dry bones. The Church of God which was supposed to be a life arena, has now become valley of dry bones. 2. The disjointed bones: when bones are separated, there will be no oneness and unity as expected in the Church. 3. The sinews which stands for strength, the flesh which is the bulk of the body and the skin which is the covering, are other vital components which were missing because of the dryness of the bones. When the dry bone rises, the situation will turn around.

The same question God posed to Prophet Ezekiel in those days is meant for us today. Can these dry bones rise again? To Ezekiel, the answer was far-fetched. But today, it has been revealed, the dry bones can rise by His anointing power. All the missing parts and elements of the body shall be restored when the dry bones rise again. This will happen when the Church of God, just like Prophet Ezekiel of old, is ready to stand in the gap to connect the divine life of God with the “dry bones” in prophetic prayers to reverse the ugly trend. That is what we are set to do today. Let us put our feet in Ezekiel’s shoes and begin to release life into the dry bones in our midst and change the valley to mountain-top for miracles.


  1. Dear Lord, forgive us in any area we have acted wrongly to bring your Church into the valley of dry bones.
  2. We command that all disjointed bones of the body as a result of lack of love will reconnect for proper functioning at all levels in our Church in Jesus name.
  3. We command an end to eye service, lip service and all kinds of hypocritical relationship. We decree the infusion of genuine love in our Church in Jesus name.
  4. We command sinews which stand for strength in the body i.e. men and women of spiritual and material substance to be released into the Church in Jesus name.
  5. We decree the release of both spiritual and material gifts into the lives of GOFAMINT members, who will use the gifts to make a difference in the life and ministry of the Church, dear Lord.
  6. We command flesh, which stands for multitudes of people to come and fill our empty seats in all our assemblies and programs, especially all GOFAMINT “sheep” who are still outside the fold, all over the world in Jesus’ name.
  7. Scantiness of members are dry bones in all our Churches, by the unction of anointing, we command all our Churches to be filled with many people in Jesus’ name
  8. Dry bones of our finances, rise up in Jesus name
  9. We prophesy increment to GOFAMINT finances, receive anointing for multiplication in Jesus’ name.
  10. We command life upon the evangelistic activities of the Church at all levels, begin to yield positive results for unprecedented growth from now henceforth in Jesus name.
  11. We release life upon all GOFAMINT assemblies, let everything and everyone therein come alive in Jesus name.
  12. We prophesy power upon all our ministers and workers that their ministrations and activities begin to produce results positively in Jesus name.
  13. We release the fire and power of the Holy Spirit upon every GOFAMINT assembly for harvest of miracles in Jesus’ name.
  14. We command revival to begin in our Bible Studies for total restoration of our spiritual heritage in Jesus’ name.
  15. We release the fire and power of God in all prayer meetings in Jesus name.
  16. We decree healing of all wounds and rottenness in the lives and relationship of all Church members in Jesus name.
  17. Everything that is inimical to the health, well-being and growth of the Church be removed in Jesus name.
  18. It is well with The Gospel Faith Mission International, it is well with my assembly, it is well with my family in Jesus name!.

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