TEXTS: EZEK. 15:1-8, 16:1-58; II TIM. 4:11, 2:21


It was John Wesley, perhaps after reading through the book of Ezekiel Chapter 15 and 16 about the unfruitfulness and unfaithfulness of Israel, Prayed; “Lord let me not live to be useless”. Indeed, God answered his prayer and he became very useful to God and his generation.

God created you to be very useful and responsible. To be useful is to be willing to serve God and your generation according to the will of God (Acts 13:6). Serving God is our responsibility for the Divine privileges that we enjoy. God wants to use you to do something significant and great in His Church and world. God wants to use you to make a difference amidst Christians who are unwilling to serve.

God wants to work through you. He puts you where you are for a purpose. Are you really serving that purpose? God knows and you too. No one else on earth will be able to play the role God programmed for you. Therefore, if you fail to make your significant contribution to the full body of Christ and your generation, it may pass you by. Then, you will be considered unprofitable and useless.

God wants you to be very useful, godly and great, Undefilable and Unconquerable! God wants you to be a blessing to His kingdom and your generation by doing what you can with what you have, wherever you are. Truly, you were put on earth to make great contributions as an agent of transformation. You were created to add value to life on earth and not just to take from it. But it takes love to do it.

God wants you to be useful – helpful, effective, valuable and suitable. To be useful means; Serving divine purpose, having value or adding value, doing something that is very helpful to God, His Church and mankind. But the Devil wants every believer to be useless. That is: Unusable, Unsuccessful, Not doing something significant and helpful to God, His Church and the world. To be useless means: to be worthless, futile, fruitless, unprofitable, profitless, unproductive, unachievable and ineffective. What a great evil to be useless! I will be useful for I am an amazing Creation of God.


  1. O Lord, help me to walk in love and live in dominion all the days of my life.
  2. O Lord, help me not to live to be useless, worthless, unprofitable, pointless and valueless.
  3. O Lord, cause me to be useful and fruitful all the days of my life.
  4. O Lord, deliver me from living the life of unfruitfulness and unfaithfulness.
  5. O Lord, make me a gain making believer for Your kingdom and my generation.
  6. Holy Spirit, empower me to be godly, great, undefilable and unconquerable.
  7. O Lord, make me an agent of transformation to Your Church and healing to the world.
  8. O Lord, make me a fruitful soul winner and a great kingdom builder.
  9. O God, help me to use all my resources for the growth of Your Church and good of mankind.
  10. O Lord, make me a significant contributor to Church projects whenever the Church leadership gives the directive
  11. Lord, let me always be excited with all programmes of the Church as led by the Holy Spirit.
  12. Lord, let my heart be fixed, not minding distraction or discouragement in my service to You.
  13. Lord, give me a servant heart, let my authority be submissive to the Authority of Christ, on daily basis (Matt. 28:18).
  14. Lord, plant my feet on higher ground, where my talent and gift shall be fully utilized for Your glory.
  15. Lord, let my life and ministry always add value to Your Kingdom.
  16. Lord, let others see Christ in us, appreciate our good works and glorify Your name.

  1. Personal prayer points for the day.
  2. Corporate intercessory prayer for the day: War against Premature death among our women folk.
  3. Ministration for the day as planned by the Pastor.

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