DAY 10: Saturday 11th January 2014

DAY 10: Saturday

11th January 2014


TEXTS: I Kings 20:1-4; Judges 1:27-35; I SamUEL 11:1-3; I Peter 1:5


             Today, many believers are too powerless to live and make transfiguring impact on this perilous generation. We need the power of God. You need real power, divine power to survive and succeed in these last days. It takes power to gain and retain victory. We need power to prevail and fulfill God’s mandate for our lives. Without divine power, we will be restricted, disfigured, defeated, spoiled or stopped by the powers of darkness (Judges 1:27-35; Josh. 17:12-13).

You need adequate power to possess your possession (Judges 1:27-28). You need God’s power to overpower your enemies and to completely root them out (Judges 1:34-35).

Powerlessness:  This is lack of strength, energy vigor, weight, capacity, ability, influence and authority.  Lack of inner strength (Eph. 3:16).

A powerless Christian or minister is a helpless fellow.  A powerless Christian or minister cannot prevail or prosper.  He or she will okay the verdict of enemy. He or she will dance to the music of the devil most often.

Obviously, a powerless Christian or minister will find it difficult to fulfill his ministry.

If you are powerless, whoever you are, no matter your status or how many years you been in the Church; your life cannot be magnetic and fruitful.  You will be barren spiritually and a regular prey to the devil (Isa. 26:13).

If you are powerless, you cannot stop or spoil every satanic conspiracy against your destiny.  You are not equipped to win the battles that are against your destiny (Ps. 55:18).

If you are powerless, your life will become a testing ground for the evil ones.  Your life will be unproductive and uninspiring. You will live in a paradise of nightmares. Your noon can be turned to night by the power of darkness. You may suffer premature sunset of your destiny.

Beloved, are you a powerless Christian or minister? Don’t deceive yourself.  It is dangerous to be powerless in this killing age. You need divine power to be able to conquer those life challenges ordained to usher you into greatness. You must discover and deal with everything in your life that makes you powerless.

Today, many believers and ministers of God are so powerless because of the following: Defective salvation, secret sins, besetting sins, unbelief, unforgiveness, wrong marital relationship, wrong association, sexual immorality, pride, ignorance, bitterness, prayerlessness and disobedience.

Beloved, arise, wake up, put on the strength of God. It is dangerous to be powerless, in this age. If you are powerless, you may miss your earthly and eternal Promised Land.

                LET US PRAY

1.    Holy Spirit, fill me with Your power to pray correctly and pray through.

2.    Holy Spirit, invest a high deposit of Your power in me to express the totality of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

3.    Holy Spirit, equip me with Your power to speak God’s word fearlessly.

4.    Spirit of God, let there be an out pouring of Your power on me to shut the mouths of roaring lions that I come in contact with.

5.    Holy Spirit, endow me with Your strength and power to fight my spiritual battles.

6.    I declare by faith, I am full of power by the Spirit of the Lord.

7.    Holy Spirit, give me a clear insight to those things that are draining me of my strength and making me powerless, in my life.

8.        Lord Jesus, let there be a sevenfold restoration of the power I might have lost.

9.    Holy Spirit, fill me with Your enormous power to impact my world for Jesus.

10.  Holy Spirit, cause me to be filled with all the fullness of God.  (Eph. 3:19)

11.  O Lord, pour out Your spirit upon GOFAMINT until every wilderness becomes a fruitful field and the fruitful fields, a forest.


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