TEXT: GEN.1:25-31

PROV. 15:29, ZACH. 7:13; JOHN 9:3, JAMES 4:3


When God created this world in which we live today, we were not there. We were not yet in existence. Human beings were the last of the creation of God on earth. In His infinite mercy and love. He decided to make us the king over all other creatures and to be His representatives.

We are the objects of His love as well as the agents of that love. The dominion He gave to man was an absolute one. Through the consequent of human sin, the two great values were lost, which made the exhibition of love and dominion be seriously wanting in human lives and in the world at large.

The coming of Jesus to the world was meant to restore and install these great virtues back into our lives. Every genuinely born again and spirit-filled child of God is entitled to exhibit these virtues to the maximum. Such manifestations go a long way to put human lives in the right perspective. That is what the Church was meant to be, that was what GOFAMINT was from the beginning and that is what it is going to be from now on. Christians in the Church are meant to be both benefactors and beneficiaries of love and dominion. The manifestation of love and dominion in the lives of our brethren must be available for us to enjoy as well as available in our own lives for others to enjoy. We give thanks to God for those whose lives have become epitome of love and dominion in our Church hitherto. We believe that at the end of this prayer exercise this year, these valuable virtues of love and dominion would have been fully entrenched and established in our lives and Church. Each of us would be known as agents of love and dominion, while branches of our Churches would be recognized as love and dominion sanctuaries in Jesus’ name.


  1. Thank You dear Lord, for Your great love that made You to create us in Your own image and hand over the key of dominion to us.
  2. Thank You dear Lord, for all good things of life You have freely given us to enjoy.
  3. Thank You Lord, for the glory of the former house (of love and dominion) in GOFAMINT that we enjoyed in this Church in the past.
  4. Thank You Lord, for Your grace upon our past heroes (the first generation leaders and members) who surrendered themselves to You for the exhibition of Your glory and power.
  5. Thank You for the persecuted and rejected young converts in the past that were being accepted, rehabilitated and fully catered for through the instrumentality of love in GOFAMINT.
  6. Thank You Lord, for the Christ-like-minded men and women whose lives are emblems of Christ’s love in the Church.
  7. Thank You Lord, for the victory and dominion You gave us to live above the corruption of sin and the world in Jesus name.
  8. Thank You Lord, for the unprecedented victories we have enjoyed over witches and wizards as well as other agents of darkness.
  9. Thank You for the victories over all the “serpents and scorpions” that had withstood and confronted us on the field of evangelism.
  10. Thank You for many territorial spirits that have been dislodged to give room for the planting of Your Church, GOFAMINT.
  11. Thank You Lord, for many victories we have gained over incurable sicknesses, deaths and sorrow.
  12. Thank You for all our saints who had triumphantly gone to be with You and are now with You in glory.
  13. Thank You for how much You have helped us to walk in love and live in dominion, because as You are, so are we in this world.
  14. Thank You, Lord, because we are at the threshold of the latter days glory of love and dominion.
  15. Thank You because we are lovers but not haters of brethren, victors and not victims in Jesus name.
  16. Thank You Lord, for the victories of the Victory Month over the years.

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4 thoughts on “DAY 1: FRIDAY 2ND, JANUARY 2015

  1. May the Love of God and Victory He has given unto us become manifested in our lives as we pray and fast this month and the Lost Love in the Church of God be restored in our Lives in Jesus name.

  2. Whoa!!! What a wonderful and powerful message. What the world needs now is love including gofamint. The founding fathers have shown this since inception. May we continue to live the word everyday of our journey in the Lord. Gofamint eat!!!!.

  3. We bless God for the instrument behind this. We desire that the upload be early as that of sunday school. Thanks

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