The session was taken by Pastor C.O. Abe and the topic says: ‘Our God is Able”. The texts were taken from Daniel 3: 7, Luke 3: 18, Romans 4: 21, Ephesians 3: 20, 21. He started by asking who this able God is. The works the able God is capable of doing which include:
1.    The able God in mighty works
2.    The able God in soul wining
3.    The able God in surprise lifting of Joseph.

He went further to say this able God is the creator of the universe and the greatest one in existence. He also said, imagination cannot phantom His work. The parting of the red sea in the book Exodus 14: 21. The sun standing still for 24hours at Joshua’s word. Hezekiah’s proclamation of death and it’s reversal for additional 15years.
He pointed to the fact that He is able in conversion and soul wining (James 4: 21). So also in surprise lifting of Joseph (Deuteronomy 28: 1, Genesis 37: 5-28). The devil tried to kill his dream, he was thrown into the pit, he was sold out to slavery, the devil imprisoned him, the king’s cup bearer forgot about him but despite all the challenges he faced, he was lifted and appointed the chief prime minister of the country.


The second teaching of the theme “THE ASTONISHING CHRIST” by the General Overseer, Pastor (Dr.) E.O. Abina. The topic was “Astonishing in Service and Ministry”. He said that Christ is really astonishing, He is wonderful and He does unspeakable surprises. He is not only amazing in existence or incarnation but also astonishing in service and ministry. His leadership style has no equal among human, He is a man of his word, whatever He says he does. He is humility exemplified, He treats everyone with love and His service towards mankind is truly amazing.
To be like Jesus even as a Christian means to love, whoever serves the astonishing Christ must be able to love equally and to be like Jesus, means we have to love like him.

The General Overseer of this great mission expresses his unhappiness towards the fact that love has grown cold in the church. He employed everyone around to go back to a Christian life that is full of love.
In humility, there is a popular saying that “if you are too big to serve, then you are too small to live”. The man of God also laid emphasis on the fact that pride is of the devil and that a great man is not someone who has many servants but someone who serves many. Humility without service is not acceptable before God. Likewise service without humility is not good and it does not reflect the attitude of Christ.
In conclusion, Christ’s kind of servant-leadership is unequal. To be like Christ, as Christians we have to be able to love equally. Be humble and be ready to serve other at all time.


The first sermon for the third night was taken by the Deputy General Overseer of this great mission in person of Pastor (PROF.) S.O. Ewuola. He preached on the topic “Enter through the narrow gate”. The man of God said Jesus is the way and no other way (no matter how right the other way may look), Jesus is the access to which we can get you to heaven. Though there are many trends on the wide way. But we should have it at the back of our minds that the wide way (which is glamorous) can lead to eternal destruction. There is also a narrow way which cannot accommodate a person not to mention a person with luggage. A person with baggage of sin cannot walk the narrow way. The narrow road only accepts one who will leave all behind and follow through without temptation.
When you enter through the gate, then you are free from sin and its suffering. Entering into the gate can be determined by your relationship with God. Walking through the narrow way also determines your possession, blessings and eternal life. He went further to quote a word of Jesus which says, “enter ye through the safe gate”. This safe gate is Jesus. To make it through to heaven, you must have Jesus. Jesus is the narrow way and only Saviour.
If you must enter through the gate, you must stop sinning because the way cannot accommodate you with sin (I john 2: 3, 4). It is a solitary road because you will not find your friends and family. The narrow way is the way to eternal life. Unless you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, your eternal life is not guaranteed.

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