Text:   Acts 20: 20 – 32


Vision 20:20 has become a popular shogun in our secular world in the past few years. This is talking about the intention of the world rulers to make the world a better place by the year 2020.

Interestingly, vision 20/20 has its origin from the Bible. It is found in Acts 20:20 our Bible reading of today. It was Paul the Apostles method, approach and philosophy of his soul-winning ministry. In the passage, he revealed how he went from house to house as well as in public places to preach the gospel to all and sundry. Individual believer who is not soul-winning oriented is not relevant God’s end-time programme. GOFAMINT was established to win souls. Our ministers were ordained to win souls: Our workers are recruited to win souls: Our members are in the Church to win souls. If any of our assemblies, ministers, workers or members are found wanted on the field of evangelism, it means they have opted out of God’s programme. Apart from Paul’s vision 20/20 which he emphasized in this passage, let us examine some other pertinent points he enumerated about God’s intention for the Church.

Vs. 24. He was ready to give all, including his life for the propagation of the gospel.

Vs. 25 He was about to depart the world. Paul and many of the committed gospel preachers are no more in the world today. Those of us, who are here, what are we doing?

Vs. 27 To be free from the guilt of the blood of the lost ones, we have to preach the gospel to them.

Vs. 28 Warning; to remain on the true ideals of the gospel our Church must remain what God made it to be – preach the gospel, teach the gospel, live the gospel.

Vs. 32 Let’s give ourselves absolutely to his word of grace which is able to build us and make us perfect.

GOFAMINT, from the on set has been known as a Church committed to the preaching and teaching of the gospel with great emphasis on exemplary life-style. We must not lose our bearing on this noble identification mark. We must continue to be relevant.


  1. Thank you Lord for making GOFAMINT a relevant Church making impact in the world through the spreading of the gospel.
  2. Thank you dear Father, for our soul-winning ministers workers and members.
  3. Open our eyes to vision 20/20 and be totally committed to it oh Lord.
  4. Help us to know and remember that our purpose of existence as a Church was to preach the gospel.
  5. GOFAMINT has been blessed with people of extra-ordinary zeal in the preaching of the gospel, make me one of them oh Lord.
  6. Some Churches seem to be rising up to compete with us on the field of evangelism, dear Lord, help us not to be overtaken or relegated to the background.
  7. Help us to be sincerely committed to preaching, teaching and living the gospel oh Lord.
  8. Our founding fathers were faithful in discharging their duties to set the pace in the gospel work, help us not to fail in our duty towards our generation oh Lord
  9. May we not deviate, decline and renege on our resolution to make gospel preaching our purpose of living.
  10. Help us all to continue to lead purpose-driven life oh God.
  11. Collectively and individually, help us not to be guilty of the blood of the sinners, by not preaching the gospel to them
  12. Dear father, grant us more spiritual and financial resources to spread your kingdom farther and further.
  13. Let our assembly becomes a city set on the mountain that cannot be hidden oh Lord
  14. Acts 4:32-33, Grant us great grace to witness the resurrection of Jesus with great power, oh Lord.

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