Text:  Ps. 19: 3-4, John. 4:48, Isaiah 18.

Insight for effective Prayer

The Gospel of Christ must be preached in all the world…including all the countries in Africa.

The major problem plaguing Pentecostal Churches in Africa is poverty. By the reason of this poverty insurgency has become cancer in some African countries. God has an agenda for the continent of Africa to reach out through the gospel of Christ.

GOFAMINT has done a lot in reaching out to some African nations but we must pray that our Churches in those countries become strong and viable to change those nations for better with the gospel.

Our prayers today shall be prophetic to bring down the strong hold of wickedness in the continent of Africa and to also enlarge the coast of Churches of Christ in the land. The Church of God must be relevant in every sphere of human endeavour and so our society must be transform through our preaching.

Africa is dear to the heart of God, because when Jesus as a baby was to be protected from the wrath of Herod, it was Africa that provided the haven. Also it was an African that carried His cross when He was on His way to Calvary. Africa is surely next in God’s agenda, and GOFAMINT must be adequately prepared to capture the harvest by the spirit of revelation.

We must not be put off by the current economic realities of Africa, because the future is certainly much better than our past, judging from the prophecies that has gone ahead us before now. The Scripture also confirms that ‘In that time shall the present be brought unto the Lord of hosts of a people…terrible from their beginning….a nation….trodden under foot… to the place of the name of the Lord of hosts…’ Isaiah 18:7. Irrespective of whatever Africa may be passing through at the moment, the continent prophetically holds the promise to finance God’s end-time agenda. We must key into this.

Prayer Points

  1. O Lord, let the light of the gospel of Christ shine brighter in the continent of Africa.
  2. Where there is a roadblock to the gospel in Africa, let the power of God move and open the doors in the name of Jesus
  3. O Lord, give Your servants the diplomatic connection to the men that matter in the continent of Africa in the name of Jesus Christ
  4. We pull down the wall of partition between Churches and African society in the name of Jesus
  5. Every decree working against the spread of the gospel in Africa, we cancel it in the name of Jesus Christ
  6. O Lord, arise, and give us open door for enlargement in Africa, in the name of Jesus Christ
  7. We pull down the stronghold of demonic influence in the continent of Africa in the name of Jesus
  8. O Lord, strengthen and encourage Your servants in the continent of Africa in the name of Jesus
  9. We decree, that GOFAMINT Church shall prosper in the continent of Africa in Jesus name.
  10. O Lord, provide men and money to spread the gospel far and wide in the continent of Africa in the name of Jesus Christ
  11. In Southern Africa, we exist so far only in Botswana and Republic of South Africa. Pray that the Lord will grant us an effectual penetration into Zambia, Mozambique (where Oluyole had done a feasibility), Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.
  12. Let great healing and deliverance begin to take place everywhere GOFAMINT is located in the continent of Africa in the name of Jesus Christ
  13. O Lord, let Your presence abide with all GOFAMINT Churches in Africa in the mighty name of Jesus
  14. We receive for all our ministers, the Apostolic anointing to breakthrough in the continent of Africa in the name of Jesus Christ
  15. We silence insurgency in the continent of Africa in the name of Jesus Christ
  16. O Lord, let there be fresh air of the gospel across Africa in the name of Jesus
  17. O Lord, raise godly leaders that will favour gospel in Africa in the mighty name of Jesus.
  18. Speak to the GOFAMINT field in Kenya, that it will blossom to become an East African gospel hub, and the Lord will raise financiers for the great harvest needs of that nation, and make them to propagate to Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda/Burundi and South Sudan
  19. Use our Church in Egypt as a point of contact for many of the north African countries where Islam has held sway, that the Lord will cause the collapse of all iron curtains hindering the gospel advance.
  20. It is the desire of GOFAMINT to penetrate North Africa hard grounds such as Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Chad and Sudan before the Lord comes. Pray for open doors, anointing and provisions, especially through our French speaking assemblies.
  21. Pray for the West African countries where GOFAMINT currently exists, such as Ghana, Benin, Togo, Cote d’Voire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Niger and Cameroun. Pray that we penetrate other nations such as Senegal, Gambia and Guinea.
  22. Gabon is the only Central African country where we exist. The Lord should make us well footed and also give us other nations like Democratic Rep of Congo, Equitorial Guinea, Congo Brazaville, Sao Tome/Principe and Angola.

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