Text:  John 6:60 – 71


Christian life was designed to be the best life-style on earth. All ingredients required to make a good life are entailed in the Bible- prescribed Christian life.

Discipleship as prescribed in the Bible is a lifestyle in which the believer follows the master, learn about his life, his actions and emulate his practices. It is an integral and inevitable part of Christian life. Unfortunately many believers know next to nothing about discipleship. Hence, they could not attain the expected level of maturity spirituality and usefulness.

This is cleanly shown in our Bible passage today. Many of the multitudes among the followers of Jesus went back from following Him. The singular purpose was that they heard Him speaking hard and bitter truths which were opposed to their sinful and carnal life-styles. They took offence and decided to withdraw from following Him (vs 59).

For those who were true disciples, it was a different ball game. They took their stand. Jesus even asked them whether they also were willing to go back like their counterparts, but they told Him their followership was for real worse and for life. That is always the case with true disciples. They are dependable and available for the Lord and for the Church. They have been built and nurtured to take up responsibilities and make things happen positively. Any believer who refuses to be a disciple would have his eternal fate hanging in the balance, which is dangerous.

Here, there is a good-news! GOFAMINT has a robust discipleship programme for all her members. All members are expected to key into this life transforming programme. Essentially, the programme will revive those involved in the word of life and get them prepared to take their place in the divine order. The decision to involve in the discipleship programme is a decision to fulfil one’s destiny. On the other hand, declining is an indirect way of going back like those we saw in the Bible reading of today. Be a true and thorough disciple!


  1. When He calls me, I will answer 3ce

I’ll be somewhere working for my Lord

I’ll be somewhere 3ce working for my Lord

  1. From today, Lord , I stand up and stand out, I refuse to be part of the “mixed multitude”, I take my stand with Jesus
  2. Jesus Christ is my saviour, my master and leader I take a decision to be your disciple and follow you all the days of my life, help me Lord.
  3. Give me the heart and the tongue of the learned. Teach me to know your way and your will in Jesus name.
  4. Help me Lord, that my presence in the Church will count for good. I will not be there for fun. Let me not be a waste material.
  5. Here am I, Lord call me, guide me and use me for your glory.
  6. Help me Lord to fit into your divine agenda and programme for my life.
  7. Help me to employ and deploy all my God-given resources you gave me and use them for your glory and benefit of mankind.
  8. John 15:2, prune me, that I may be able to bear more fruits for your glory oh Lord.
  9. Do not let any other person take my position in the kingdom agenda , oh Lord.
  10. Help me not to hinder myself from fulfilling destiny and do not allow any persia to hinder me.
  11. Help me to be delightful and desirable to your services, oh dear Lord.
  12. Show me specific works to do and specific needs to meet for your glory oh dear Lord.
  13. Teach me, and help me to feed your sheep, oh Lord.
  14. Make all of us true and thorough disciples fulfilling you will oh Lord.
  15. Bless our discipleship programmes and let them grow in leaps and bounds.
  16. Holy Spirit, take over the discipleship programme in all our assemblies, and let it not just be “letters”.

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  1. gooood work, our internet crew, God has made u an impact maker, and u will continue to be

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