Text: Gen. 41: 27


Insight for effective Prayer.

Joseph truly had become “successful.” But it was not for the trustworthy Joseph alone that the Lord had given such a success. When the predicted seven years of famine, which Joseph had foreseen in Pharaoh’s dreams (Gen. 41:27) came to pass, Joseph’s elevation to power became the means for bringing his people to Egypt (Gen. 42:47). Joseph’s entire family was delivered from the great famine, which in time would become a great nation—a nation that God would redeem and return to the land of promise (Ps. 105: 42-45) Thus individual success can become the basis for meeting successfully the needs of others!

The second person was the prophet Daniel. Daniel (together with his three friends) was taken captive in the first Babylonian invasion of Judah in 605 B.C. Daniel’s spiritual and moral integrity and trustworthiness soon became evident to his captors. Moreover, the Lord had given Daniel the ability to interpret dreams, which enabled him to achieve great success in the court of King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan.2,4), including the king’s recognition and praise of “The King of heaven, for all his deeds are right and his ways are just” (Dan. 4: 37).

Those two examples were repositioned by the Lord to recover and reshape destinies, not only of theirs, but several others who lived in their times. Whatever we have lost to the enemy through our wrong positioning, by the special grace of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we shall recover in Jesus Name.

Prayer Points

  1. O lord, let my gates of favour be continually open from now and I will not faint at the edge of my breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus.
  2. Divine magnet of prosperity be planted in my life in the name of Jesus
  3. We receive the wisdom to tap into the resources of the Gentiles and the Riches of the dark places in our nation in Jesus Name.
  4. Let the secret of prosperity be revealed unto me in the mighty name of Jesus
  5. Every untamed enemy of my prosperity be tamed in the mighty name of Jesus
  6. O Lord, take us to strategic places in this land and let our portion be the fatness therein in the mighty name of Jesus
  7. O Lord, let all my slow progress receive anointing for acceleration in the name of Jesus
  8. I receive power to breakthrough and not to breakdown in the name of Jesus
  9. We receive the anointing to break into the power circles in this land, and cause us O Lord to walk upon the high places in Jesus Name.
  10. O Lord, you have set a door before me, which no man can close (Rev 3:8), let my miracle intersect me as I walk through this door to my land of opportunity in the name of Jesus
  11. I paralyse, every anti-breakthrough forces around me in the name of Jesus
  12. O Lord, take me to the next level of my success in life in the mighty name of Jesus
  13. O Lord, restore the years that evil insects have eaten in my life, and take back every single territory held by the enemy in Jesus Name.
  14. I reject and renounce every ordination of ‘lateness in goodness’ for me and my family, and I also reject the ‘seers of goodness without tasting of it’ in Jesus Name.
  15. Power of delayed blessings, fail in my life now in the mighty name of Jesus
  16. Let every imprisoned or buried talents and potentials inside of me begin to come forth, and O Lord, replace all ‘unfriendly friends’ around me with covenant helpers.
  17. Since the yoke shall be destroyed by reason of the anointing (Isaiah 10:27), I hereby declare that the spirit of poverty be paralysed, judged and died in my life in Jesus Name. (Deut 8:18)
  18. My Father, embarrass me with abundance success in life and ministry in the name of Jesus
  19. I am going higher by the power of the Almighty in the name of Jesus
  20. I withdraw my wealth from the hand of the bondwoman and her children in the name of Jesus.
  21. Open to Isaiah 43:6 to declare that, from north, south, east and west, let all my blessings begin to locate me, and anywhere I go, let me find favour in Jesus Name.

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