TEXT:  I COR 4:2; COL 1:7; 4:7-9; TITUS 1:9; REV 1:5; 2;10; JN 15:1-5, 16; I THESS 2:9-10; HEB 12:1-2; 10,25;Ps 1:1-3




Labourers in Christ’s vineyard should realize that there are basic scriptural conditions for God-honouring and acceptabling services in His Kingdom. Infact, it is salvation before service and without holiness, you cannot see Him, you cannot please Him and your service cannot be accepted by Him. God is daily searching for men and women, young and old who are ready to serve Him. He will make his grace and power available to such people.

It must also be noted that the work of God must be done in God’s way according to divine specification before the expected results and rewards can follows. If not, there will be no result and reward. Fruitfulness in Christian ministry is the outcome of holiness, faithfulness, consecration and commitment. God only rewards faithfulness and fruitfulness, not failures or excuses. Like the saints of the old, we must seek to be the best in ministry and profitable unto Master Jesus Christ who will not tolerate unproductivity, unprofitability and unfruitfulness in our services to Him. When we are faithful, fruitful and profitable in the little we are doing; God Himself will be happy to anoint and empower us for greater service and responsibility. He is not honoured and will not be happy when His works suffers decline in our hands. Be determined to give God the best in what you do.

Faithfulness glues the believer to his duty post. It moves him to do the task assigned to him, come rain or shine. Faithfulness is tenacity of conviction and commitment to a purpose and practice. The faithful servant does not waiver, cringe or recant. He remains unmovable in His conviction, firm in his confession and fixed in his commitment and consecration. If your commitment and consecration change with time and tide; check your service. The size and nature of your work to God do not really matter; it is christlike faithfulness that God requires. Therefore, to be faithful and fruitful in Christ’s service, do the following

  • Magnify your office and put your best into it. (Rom 11:13)
  • Discharge your duties with a high sense of purpose and responsibility – 2 Cor 2:6
  • Be bold, uncompromising, forthright and unsparing in the denunciation of evil and declaration of the truth (Acts 4:13; Titus 1:13)
  • Be determined to please God; not surrendering to people’s whims and praises
  • Engage yourself in constant, consistent, prevailing and persevering prayer life, family altar and Bible study.
  • Be resolute to resist all temptations.
  • Create time for regular rest and retreat in communing with the Holy Spirit.


  1. Holy Spirit of God, reveal and remove everything that causes spiritual bareness in my life in Jesus name
  2. Curse and destroy the root of unfaithfulness and unfruitfulness in my life Oh Lord.
  3. Release the grace and power to be faithful, loyal and be honest upon me in Jesus name.
  4. Let the fire of the Holy Spirit purge and purify me from any act or attitude of unfaithfulness in Jesus name.
  5. By your mighty power, turn every desert and wilderness area of my life to a fruitful hill in Jesus name.
  6. Bless the labour of my hands with abundant increase and fruitfulness in Jesus name.
  7. Lead and guide me by your Holy spirit into ventures that will receive your mercy and blessing in Jesus name
  8. Bless my life with grace and power to bring forth fruits at all seasons in Jesus name
  9. Destroy the source and symptoms of unfruitfulness in my life and ministry in Jesus name
  10. Oh Lord of host, arise and destroy every attack from the kingdom of darkness that wants to make me labour in vain.
  11. Grant unto me the grace, power and mercy to be faithful , fruitful, productive and profitable in Jesus name.
  12. Bless all my efforts with outstanding results and testimonies in Jesus name.
  13. Bless every work of my hand oh Lord, and let it take me to the next level of greatness in Jesus name.
  14. Release your anointing for faithful and fruitful services on me in Jesus name.
  15. Give me the grace and power for abundance and unlimited supply in Jesus name.

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4 thoughts on “DAY 7: FRIDAY, 8TH JANUARY 2016

  1. Good job so far!

    I am sure people would appreciate it if daily prayer focus could be sent to people mail. I am sure it is possible.


  2. Am so glad to see this. Soft copies of our programs can also be made avaliable along side the hard copies. Sunday school, Teachers guide e.t.c so that we can download then and make us of them anywhere anytime

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