Glory, honour and adoration to the most high, ever faithful, ever living God that answers prayers, who has made it possible for us to witness another edition of the victory month. We give him praise for all the testimonies we have heard in the previous editions of the program and how He continues to sustain his church; causing it to wax stronger and stronger!

Beloved, this edition of the Victory month is the due season from heaven to receive fresh power from on high. In this last days, God is pouring out his spirit as he has promised in Joel 2:28-29 “ And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit”.

This outpouring of the Spirit is a fresh breath from heaven which will empower you for an unending victory in all areas of life. Whatever area of your spiritual and physical life where you are weak or defeated, under this program; you will have absolute victory. Maybe you have a long standing problem which has defied all solutions; as you pray in this program, they will fall like the wall of Jericho in Jesus Name. Get ready! Your trials will become triumphs, your test will become a testimony. When that power came upon little boy David, he knocked out Goliath. By the anointing of the Holy Ghost, I prophesy that every symbolic goliath that may be against you; shall fall in the name of Jesus.

Power is what produces willingness. Psalms 110:3 “Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth. Willingness to serve God, serve one another and the body of Christ. Power produces selfless service. Willingness to do God’s will at all times.Nothing else and nothing less. I see that power coming upon you under the umbrella of this program in Jesus name.

It is time for us to move to the next level of church growth in every positive dimension. Deuterenomy1:6 “The LORD our God spake unto us in Horeb, saying, Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount: No matter the size of the assembly where you are, it is not big enough, when you consider the amount of people perishing daily and heading to a Christless eternity. Power produces a desire for growth; when it came upon the gathering at the upper room – the church exploded in growth, five thousands souls were added to the church in a single day. The power from on high will galvanize us into action, profitable evangelism and genuine conversions will be evident.

God is ready to answer us, the question is; are we ready to truly pray? Prayers that God will answer must come from a repented heart, our prayers must be accompanied with faith. A doubtful heart cannot please God. We must not just mouth the words in empty routine, but engage our whole being in the prayer. Our minds must not be empty or wandering but be aligned with what our mouth is saying. As we do this, we will be birthed into another level of encounters and experience with the Lord.

Beloved, as you go through this program, identify those areas where the Holy Spirit wants you to make adjustments in your life. Act on those things and this will be your best victory month prayer yet.

May the good Lord grant all the petitions of your heart.

Pastor Dr. E.O. Abina
General Overseer




  1. Proper Mobilization: All ministers should ensure that members are encouraged and mobilized to participate in these prayers throughout.
  2. Absolute Consecration: Every member should ensure that considerable time is spent on prayer. The divine injunction is “Pray without ceasing”, God will answer us according to the level of our prayer.
  3. Diligent Preparation: Every Pastor-in-charge should prayerfully and wisely prepare the roaster of those to lead prayers for each day ahead of time and must have thoroughly gone through the prayer points before assigning it to any leader.
  4. The Leader As A Point Of Contact: The prayer leader of each day must read the inspirational message first before adding his own explanation.

This will enable the people to have right insight into the prayer focus of each day and pray each prayer effectively.

  1. Effective Ministration: Let all ministers prepare for the special ministration for each day. This is a golden opportunity. It must be handled with all seriousness and great faith.
  2. Brief Admonition: The minister leading each day’s session should not spend too much time preaching. The admonition should be brief and snappy so that people would have enough time to pray.
  3. Family Vigils: Monday 4th, 11th and 18th have been scheduled for special family vigils. These should be taken with all seriousness. All ministers should encourage each family to participate, it will help us to get better result and serve God better. See pages 75-84
  4. Group Vigils: For the arrangement of the various vigils, see pages 85-87.
  5. General Vigils: Should be arranged in each Assembly.Seepages88 – 92.



Victory month in GOFAMINT is not just a programme, it is a divine appointment! How does one secure a divine appointment? Whenever a Christian or a group of believers decide to meet with God at any given time or place, then the decision becomes an appointment with God. Even when they have not consciously or official applied for any audience with God, they’ve already secured an appointment (Mal. 3:16). This shows us how much God loves us and how much He delights and desires to have fellowship with His children.

The Lord God Almighty decided to make GOFAMINT Assembly as His secret place where He will be present, ready, willing and waiting to hear and answer the petitions, supplications, intercessions and crying of His beloved children throughout this hallowed month of January.

It is going to be a special and extra-ordinary event, exercise and experience this year. He is ready to deliver, to bless, to heal, to save, to promote and to provide. No serious member of the church should miss out of the daily delivery of miracles coming in answer to prayers as the saints storm the throne grace in the “effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous that availeth much” (James 5: 16).

The world in which we live is complicated and mysterious. There are many unseen forces and factors that are involved in what happened to us on daily basis. Whereas life problems cannot be solved only with natural means.

Some of our unbeliever counterparts’ in the world know this and they go extra mile to seek demonic powers to solve their problems. Although this is forbidden of believers. We cannot and must not seek demonic powers. Because it is the surest and quickest way to get to hell. (l Cor. 10:20). Not to worry, there is a greater power which has been provided by God which is available through Jesus Christ, our Lord (Matt. 28: 18). This power is abundantly available (Eph. 3:20). Through it, we can do and do (Phil. 4:13). This enormous and awesome power can be tapped for our benefits through prayers.

God has helped and inspired us to prepare the daily prayers and outlines with a view to meeting the needs of everyone of us for absolute victory and breakthrough for a desired result. Every faithful participant shall be delivered, enthroned and glorified.

Note this:

Much prayer bring much power.

Little prayer bring little power.

No prayer bring no power.


It is a theme with a focus. In it, we shall receive power to propel us forward and our lives and church shall not remain the same again.

What a friend we have in Jesus

All grief and sorrow to bears

What a priviledge to carry

Everything to God in prayer

Welcome on board into the ship with Jesus and for miracles.

Pastor Richard Usenu

Pastor Bola Taiwo

Pastor J. K. Akinola

Pastor s. O. Shoretire

Victory Month Prayer Committee.


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11 thoughts on “Victory Month 2016

  1. Thank God for the Gofamint media crew, you guys are doing fantastic job.
    Please we will appreciate it if the victory month daily post can come up as early as day break.
    God bless you all.

  2. Apart from our daily reading. I will be glad if we can have the Sunday school lesson posted. I need it to be forwarding it to the less privilege to have Sunday school manual and non Gofamint members. Nothwisthanding, you are really making it

  3. Thanks for this advancement!. I’m a GOFAMINT member but currently reside outside Nigeria and I do not have a GOFAMINT church around. It would be better if we can have the prayer for each day posted the previous night or better still, if it could be possible to download the whole Victory Month Prayer Bulletin at once.

    Also, I subscribed to having the prayers delivered into my email box but I have not received any up till now. Thanks

  4. I really love this. It is indeed a blessing to me as a person. Am updated day to day without having a printed copy of the prayer bulletin. All I do is just to surf the website. Glory Glory Gofamint. God bless the crew, God bless me too.

  5. in fact u’r so wonderful papa for yr to yr victory month prayer and d content therein and also kudos to GOFAMINT avu crew for making did a reality even on net god continue renew ur vision cos it really help me a lot,gofamint we are matching on,church is matching on as well.Omi adio1we are matching on eleyele district we are maching on.

  6. My simple but sincere and heartfelt prayer for those who put this page up is that The Lord shall meet their needs promptly in Jesus name!
    This has really met my needs.

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