DGOMan’s desire is not the determinate to obtaining a miracle but He (GOD) decides who needs a miracle. He also decides who to use to do a miracle. His performing miracle is not rested and vested in the personality at the helm of the miracle but only the miracle working God can make the miracle happen. Apron, handkerchief, staff, shadow, voice, lying of hands, these sometimes God the dispenser of miracle can be used to dispense the anticipated miracle. Whatever and however He wants to perform the miracle is not man’s concern but man must make sure to obtain the miracle at hand by getting ready. God is the one to decide if He is to use your great or little faith to perform the miracle. MK 9vs 24.

Your enemies may be looking and challenging you, fear not, the lord will raise a standard in your favour. We are worried are times because we could not see the host of heaven that surrounds us. Considering the number of years you have spent in God and in the church, you are still a baby because you still run from pillar to pole. Elijah was able to carry out those miracles in his days because he was at peace with God and live a consistent life with God. You too can do likewise.

God daily perform miracles in the life of a man and this is why man is a bundle of miracles. When last did you service your heart, do you consider that very minutes your heart pump five litters of blood, the force behind is God.

How do you become a product of miracle?

If a man confess is present situation and reality to God, He will perform the miracle. We know that miracle happens according to his will. He perform miracle to persuade men that He still have power over heaven and earth. He does not want you to live your life in discomfort rather in comfort. Note that miracles can be reoccurrence and miracle can be vaporised. Why miracles vaporise is because of sin.

How to live a consistent life of miracle

  • Have faith in God- mk 11
  • Live a life of prayer and fasting. Lk 18 vs 1
  • Live the type of life that pleases the Lord so that when God needs a man that will stand in gap, He will find you.

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