TEXT: PSALM 107:23-30; ISAIAH 4:6; 25:4; 28:2; LUKE 8:22-25; JONAH 1:4-16




And there will be a tabernacle for shade in the day time from the heat, for a place of refuge, and for a shelter from storm and rain (Isaiah 4:6).

Then He arose and returned the wind and the ranging or the water. And the ceased and there was calm …Lk 8:24).

He calms the storm, so that its waves are still. Then they are glad because they are quiet. So he guided them into their desired haven- (Ps 107:29,30).

“To reach the part of success we must sail, sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it- but we must sail, not drift or lie at anchor”.- Wendel Homes

Storms of life are necessary before we can cross over to the other side, where there are peace, pleasure and prosperity. These are painful, difficult and problematic experiences we must pass through before we arrive at our desired haven. This generates fear, tension, worry, anxiety etc among the people of God. Contrary winds of life are very dangerous and unpalatable. Almost every hero of faith had their own taste of it and they wished it never happened. Even at a time, King David popularly known and described as a man after God’s heart wished he developed wings like dove and fly away to escape the storms of life.

So I said “Oh that I had wings like a dove, I would fly away and be at rest” (Psalm 55:6).

Storms and contrary winds may sometime not be physical. It could be spiritual and demonically manipulated. It may also come in various forms such as marital storm, financial or economical storm, occupational storm, health storm to mention but a few. For instance, the contrary winds in the life of Joseph was orchestrated by the envy, hatred and persecution he suffered from his sibblings and master’s wife. At times, the poor suffered because ruthless people oppressed them. However, God is concerned for the poor and the lowly esteemed whenever they turn to God and cry for help, He will surely intervene and calm the storm like he did for Joseph.


  1. I will not be a victim of natural disaster in Jesus name
  2. I refuse to be truncated by the storms of life in Jesus name
  3. The battles of life will not swallow me in Jesus name
  4. The battles of life will not swallow my glory in Jesus name
  5. The enemies of my destiny will not prevail in Jesus name
  6. My divine destiny shall not be maimed or frustrated in Jesus name
  7. Give me your power to overcome contrary winds of life in Jesus name
  8. Help me to be conscious of your presence, power and promises in whatever I am passing through in Jesus name.
  9. I receive inner strength and divine ability to overcome storms of life in Jesus name
  10. Be my shelter Oh Lord and a place of refuge in times of storm
  11. Arise Oh Lord, rebuke and silence any contrary wind, blowing against …
  • My life (b) my destiny (c) my marriage (d) my job/occupation (e) my health (f) my ministry (g) my finance in Jesus name
  1. Forces of evil behind every storm in my life; be destroyed in Jesus name.
  2. Give me the grace and power to rise above every storm in Jesus name.
  3. No storm will be able to sink my faith and destiny in Jesus name.
  4. Anoint and empower me Oh Lord, to overcome every storm and negative situations in Jesus name.
  5. Let your peace manifest in every area of my life in Jesus name

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