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Provision of a House

Provision of a House

I never thought I would develop this house at the initial stage…21 years ago when there was money in Nigeria, I couldn’t build this house, but now that there is scarcity in the whole world, God said to me: “My son, you will build this house.”…and according to His word, here we are today praising Him for great things He has done – if not for God it would have been practically impossible for me to have my own house.

– Pastor E.O. Abina,


One thought on “Provision of a House


    Daddy we thank GOD for the House. My fervent prayer is that GOD,the Giver of All will grant Daddy and the entire family longlife, peace, good health, protection etc. to enjoy the House.The KOLAPOS heartly rejoice with Daddy.This testimony is permanent and perfected in JESUS’ name Amen.

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