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• Father we give you praise, we believe that you have done it already, that you have cleaned Nigeria of covid19
• We cry for Mercy over all the Nations of the World.
• We plead the Blood of Jesus and Terminate the Operations of Coronavirus
• We pray for the Knowledge and Understanding from above for our Leaders in Nigeria in order to eliminate Covid19 in Jesus Name
• We pray for all stakeholders, doctors and Everyone who is at the Frontline operation against Covid19
• We banish the Fear of Economic Recession in Nigeria
• Father! Protect the Jobs and Businesses of every Gofamint Member
• We declare the prayer in Psalms 91 over our various lives in Jesus Name!
• Satan! We resist you from spreading fear.
• We pray for Spiritual awakening over every life during this Covid19 period, we pray that you use this period to lead more souls to You.
• We ELIMINATE Covid19 in Nigeria in Jesus Name!!!

• I address the Source of the problem in your Life, let them be uprooted totally in Jesus Name!
• Every prevailing Law in the Spirit bringing Impossibilities and limitation into my Life, be Destroyed!
• I address every evil root in your Life! Be uprooted in Jesus Name.
• Every negative covenant in your life will be swallowed by the Covenant of the Blood in Jesus Name
• I close myself with Victory, I am not a Failure! I am not a Victim!
• Every curse in my Life be turned into blessings in Jesus Name!



Isaiah 49:14-15: But Zion said, The LORD hath forsaken me, and my Lord hath forgotten me. 49:15 Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.
God had a mother to child relationship with the people of Israel back then, he confirmed it in Isaiah 49:1, So also is the same type of relationship he has with every Christian today, we are the Zion that was mentioned in v13.

In v4, after the Israelites noticed that their present state didn’t look anything like the Promise God made unto them, they began to ask questions, v14 showed us their conclusion. In the History of Humanity, we’ve never faced a time like this and this has brought us into the Questioning Stage, where many people ask questions about God’s existence; they ask: Is God real? Does he Love us? Is he aware of our current situation? Why has he left us to suffer? But let me tell you something, God is still alive and will always Be! He has not changed and will never change; he is aware of your current situation and He still loves you.

God went on to reassure the Israelites of his Promises in Verse 5-13. God used a Child to Mother relationship to express the magnitude of His Love for them, he asked them a single Question to clear their doubts, “Can a woman forget her sucking child (a woman that carried the child in her womb for 9 months and passed through the Pain of Labour),that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb?”  No! It is not possible!  Okay let’s say the woman is so wicked enough to forget her sucking Child, yet he will not forget you. God has made a Covenant of Love with each and every one of his Children, no evil shall befall you.

Therefore, if you have been asking questions, I want you to know that as long as you are a Christian, nothing will happen to you because you are a Zion and a beneficiary of the Covenant of Love. No matter what occurs to a man while on Earth, God will never forget him. He is a Loving God, His love to us is more than that of a Mother to her Child. He has expressed His Great Compassion towards man in the scriptures. He had compassion over Adam, after he and his wife sinned in the Garden of Eden, He gave Mankind another chance to reconcile with him. He also had compassion over Abraham even after he slept with his servant, God gave him a Son.

There are three (3) things to do to receive the Compassion of God.
1. REPENT OF YOUR SINS: If you have ever sinned, God is always ready to forgive you of your sins, this is the first step to receive God’s compassion because God can only have compassion over His Children.
2. DRAW NEARER TO CHRIST: Give him access to your life. When he has access to your life, he takes full Dominion over your life and showers you with compassion.
3. BEGIN TO OBEY HIS WILL: When you obey, then you make him the Controller of your life and He determines your Fate.

Sin is a tool of the enemy to stop God’s Mercy and Compassion over your Life, surrendering your Life to Christ and making him your saviour grants God full access to your Life.

• All your lost possessions will come back in Multiple folds just as God did for Job; his Latter was better than his Former
• God will restore the years that the locusts have taken away in Jesus Name
• You are a Candidate of God’s mercy; you will overcome all your crisis in Jesus Name.
• Crisis is over, Victory is sure in Jesus Name



Matt 8:23-27
I have been to the site where Jesus silenced the storm about 7 times when I went on pilgrimage travels to Israel, there was a time I preached this same message on a ship. Back then, right on the Ship, I myself was frightened when we were told the specifications of the sea, it was said that the sea is about 29 miles long and had a breath of about 11 miles with a scary depth of 700 ft. But I remembered what Jesus said when he was also at that same spot: PEACE, BE STILL!

So, you can see that the disciples had all rights to be scared. Getting lost in the middle of a 700ft deep sea wasn’t a good way to end a life. But they neglected the fact that they had someone on that Boat who even the Wind and the Sea obey Him. This period of covid19 is our present time of Storm, Fear has introduced into the hearts of Individuals and nations ignoring the fact that truly Coronavirus respects no one, but there is one name that chases Coronavirus away and that is the name of Jesus.

Why is Man always afraid of Storm?
1. Power of Storm: when storm comes, there is always massive destruction which can lead to loss  of possessions and lives.
2. The Reputation of Storm which is to generate anxiety and fear in the lives of people.

As Christians, it doesn’t mean that storms won’t come, but it shall not overwhelm us because the Power of God is still as Powerful as ever, and I pray that as you believe, the Faith you need to calm this storm will be given unto you in Jesus Name.

• I Speak to Your Life. Peace, Be Still!
• Over Your Financial Problems, Peace, Be Still!
• Over the Attack of Enemies, Peace, Be Still!
• Over that Trouble in Your Marriage, Peace Be Still!
• Over that Academic Issue, Peace Be Still!
• Over All Forms Of Sickness, Peace, Be Still!
• Over Demonic Dominion, Peace, Be Still!
• Over Generational Curses, Peace, Be Still!
• People Who Have Laughed at You Will Begin to See the Goodness of God in Your Life.
• Everything You have Lost to The Storm, God Will Restore It in Multiple Folds in Jesus Name!



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