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  1. Lord! Usher us into a season of Refreshing (Psalms 30:5)
  2. Oh Lord, terminate my night of affliction and usher me into a season of Refreshing
  3. Father! Let your grace terminate every night of affliction in my life in Jesus Name
  4. Every Load of affliction is destroyed in Jesus Name
  5. Lord, terminate every night of affliction that developed in my life either rapidly or gradually in Jesus Name
  6. Everything, every organ dead in my life, Lord make them alive in Jesus Name
  7. Cut off every power and prevailing hindrance that is withholding us from entering into our season of refreshing
  8. Terminate every inherited problem in my life in Jesus Name
  9. Usher GOFAMINT Worldwide into her season of Praise, Peace and Power in this second half of the year.

Acts 3:19 (KJV) Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.
The era we are currently in is an era of tough and challenging times, it is an era where every believer must be Strong and well rooted in Christ because he is the God over tough times.
The Life of a Man is a life of challenges and the life of a Christian isn’t exempted. Christianity isn’t a life of Bread and Butter; It is a journey full of ups and downs and there are different seasons. There is no one successful today that hasn’t passed through the tough times but one thing you must know is that challenges of life are not meant to destroy you but to make you stronger, there are opportunities embedded in every season.
Ecclesiastes 3:1 explains to us that to everything, there is a season. Nothing lasts forever!
The Time of Refreshing is also a season and I am glad to announce to you that your time of refreshing is NOW. I don’t know what has happened to you or what you are passing through but I come as a Prophet and Servant of the Most High to announce to you that despite the uncertainties going on in the world, your time of refreshing is NOW.
So what does it mean to be refreshed?
To be refreshed means to experience a new start of something that has been going down, it means to be renewed, to be brought to a point of excitement.
Refreshing means bringing back what you have lost.
Some years ago, there was a man who had a motor accident and his vehicle was fully wrecked but when his time of refreshing came, God raised two different people who gave him two new cars which were way better that his former car.
I pray for you tonight, by the grace of God, before the end of this month, you will gain whatever you have lost in multiple folds and you will experience refreshing in Jesus Name.
Refreshing can mean an angelic assistance in an hopeless situation whereby God raises people who will give you the necessary help and encouragement. Refreshing is gaining victory over lost battles, it means accessing a second chance.
How to experience refreshing:

  • : Acts 3:9, you must see your inadequacies and sins then you decide never to go back to them. There are some problems you are facing now that were caused by SIN in your life. God is more than willing to refresh you but firstly you must repent.
  • : The bible said REPENT & BELIEVE! You need to believe in God and His works for he alone is the Truth.
  • ACT ON THE WORD OF GOD: For you will know the truth and it shall set you free. For you to experience time of refreshing, you must key into the Word of God and its promises.


  1. I decree a total termination of affliction in your life in Jesus Name
  2. You will be established
  3. I decree that your heavens of refreshing be opened in Jesus name
  4. Supernatural satisfaction and fulfillment is your portion
  5. I decree, NO MORE SORROW, NO MORE TEARS for you in Jesus name
  6. Every good thing that has eluded you will be delivered to you in Jesus name
  7. I decree Breakthrough with ease into your life
  8. Generational Bondage is broken!
  9. You are delivered from every form of adversity
  10. You will not labor in vain, you will not beg
  11. Shackles of Poverty are broken in your life
  12. Every force that want you to remain poor is destroyed in Jesus name
  13. Whatever you lay your hands on shall prosper
  14. Shackles of sickness is destroyed, infirmities is rebuked and destroyed in Jesus name
  15. Shackles of affliction are broken
  16. You are delivered!
  17. Shackles of premature death are broken, you will live and not die to proclaim the goodness of God
  18. I decree all round restoration in Jesus Name
  19. Go and possess your possessions
  20. It is well with you in the Mighty Name of Jesus
Share your testimonies with us: forms@gofamint.orgGENERAL PRAYER BY Pastor (DR.) ELIJAH ABINA


  • Every doors of opportunity and success is opened unto you in Jesus name
  • You will sell your unsold commodities
  • Your customers will increase in number
  • Your door of promotion is opened
  • You will be preferred above your colleagues
  • There will be open doors for you in your going out and coming in
  • Where others were rejected, you will be accepted
  • Your old and best customers will come back to you
  • Whatever you bind will be bind, whatever you loose will be loose
  • God will make a way where there seems to be no way for you
  • You will minister with fresh anointing
  • In this pandemic period, you will minister under open heavens
  • This pandemic wont stop your anointing
  • You will no longer be a failure but a success
  • You will be the best in your class
  • The second half of this year will be better for you than the first half

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