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GOFAMINT International Convention Day One

GOFAMINT International Convention Day One


The opening prayer was said by Pastor C.O. Abe after which the moderator for the night was introduced (Pastor J.N.A. Atere). The congregation were launched into a great realm of praises by the Praise Team.

Then, the General Secretary took the Scriptural reading from the book of Mark 8: 1- end, the congregation stood to read vs 26 to 38 together.

The collective prayer of thanksgiving for last annual convention was taken by Pastor E.O. Oluwanimotele. The Deputy General Overseer (Pastor E.T. Oluwayemi) introduced the General Overseer to open the convention.

The G.O. (Pastor Dr. E.O. Abina) led the congregation in two songs:

  • The Church is Marching On
  • I can see everything turning around

After which he gave the welcome address.

The Children Evangelical Unit came in for their presentation after one of the children came for a very powerful ministration in Yoruba. The CEU presented one of the Hymnals in the Gospel Hymn Book (Faith Of Our Fathers). After the presentations from the CEU unit, the General Overseer (PASTOR DR. E.O. ABINA) prayed for the children, teenagers, workers and all children leaders.

 Pastor Sunday Adu (National Overseer, GOFAMINT, North America) was introduced for the Ministration of the night, Titled: “The Clouds Are Full”

Few of the points He said was:

  • Cloud indicates freedom and deliverance from sin.
  • Cloud indicates innumerability (Job 38:37)
  • Cloud indicates sweetness and irresistibility (Isaiah 50:8)
  • Cloud indicates divine alert (Ezekiel 30:3)
  • Cloud is a sign of covenant establishment
  • If the clouds are full, it causes rain (Sign of Holy Spirit) on earth.
  • Don’t be selective in your attentiveness. Pay attentive throughout.
  • As we persevere through the turbulence we shall be positioned to receive our blessings.
  • Prophetic intercession with prophetic declaration brings corresponding manifestations

Some prayers raised during the course of the ministration:

  • There shall be heavy rain of blessings in GOFAMINT
  • The Lord will raise people for the End-time business in this convention
  • You shall understand the mysteries of salvation


  • Apostolic grace will be bestowed on people in this convention
  • They shall be divinely empowered to lead
  • Apostolic fathers shall arise


  • You should be precious, holy, prophetic stars.
  • Don’t be a wandering star.

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