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GOFAMINT Annual International Convention Summary Day Three

GOFAMINT Annual International Convention Summary Day Three


The session was opened with 7 shouts of Halleluyah!
Moderator: Pastor Egbeyemi Gabriel
The Lead Song for the Convention was taken as soon as the moderator got to the podium “God is good to me, He has done me well…”
The praise team geared the hearts and feet of the congregation through an extremely awesome worship and a dynamic praise session. Pastor Deji Ayeni led the morning supplication which he started with a great worship song.

He stated the following and led prayers;
• Without divine intervention, there’s no manifestation
• Lift up your right hand, Oh Lord, before I leave this place this morning, let there be divine intervention in my life.
• All Powers behind my problems, let the earth open and swallow them up this morning.
• Oh Lord, send your word to me today to set me free from all my problems.
Congregational Hymn – GHB 213 “My hope is built on nothing less…” was led by the Choir Leader
The morning tonic was taken by Pastor (Dr.) Theophilus Ajadi G. (Australia) – Greater is He that is in you (1 John 4:4)
• 2 Cor. 6:16 – You just don’t have God with or for you, you have God in you.
• The God in me knows the plans of the devil
• If you know that “Greater is He that is in you”, then you outsmart the antics of the devil. – Col. 1:27
• Psalms 114:1 – You are the headquarters of heaven’s government.
• You will begin to walk in greater consciousness of the greater one in you

• 1 John 4:16 – The extent to which you walk in love, is the extent to which the Greater one in you will work.
• He that dwells in love, dwells in God and God dwells in him.
God will raise champions out of this convention
God will take you to a place where you will receive what you didn’t ask for.
• You must learn how to pray in the Holy Ghost to activate the Greater One in you. – 1 Cor. 14:14
• The greater one in you will not manifest if the temple is unclean

Aresa Oluwatoyin – In 2016, I came to convention in Ibadan. I came with a 4 year issue of blood since 2012. I’ve gone everywhere searching for healing but the issue of blood didn’t stop, but the day I stepped into the convention, the prophecy was surely mine. I claimed it, and on the fourth day I was directed to go to the toilet. I went and it was still coming. On the Seventh day, my issue of blood stopped. After which I gave birth to a child.

Ayela Funmilayo – I got married in 2010 and I come to convention as an expecting mother every year. I was told by the doctors that I don’t have a womb. My Dp (Pastor Adesoji) said I have a womb, last year when Papa prayed for the expectant women, in the month of October I got pregnant and I’m in this convention with a bouncing baby girl.

Lawson Ruth Olayinka – I went to America in 2017, I went to meet my son. I get sick occasionally, I didn’t know I have breast cancer. I never knew it was cancer. I was taken to Kings Hospital and series of tests was carried out on me. To the glory of God, I was almost dead when I saw Mama Abina in a trance and she said to me “go back,your time is not complete”. Today I’m alive

Adeyemo Olayemi – At the last year Convention, Papa Abina said everyone stagnant in their business should come outside, I came out alongside multitudes, we were prayed for. As we entered the New Year 2019, People got promoted at the school where I work, glory to God I was not exempted. I said, the God of GOFAMINT is a great God and can do all things… I was given all my entitlements since the due time for me to be promoted.
Also, my two children were seeking admission, two of them are currently in the Polytechnic.

The choir gave a rendition titled: Did you repent, fully repent? After which the Deputy General Overseer (Pastor Dr. E.T. Oluwayemi) mounted the podium for the second teaching.


• Salvation is the access to the giver of all not just the gifts.
• Once you have the giver, you have the gift
• The greatest threat to Christianity is not any form of attack or the government.
• Christians are the greatest challenge to Christianity
• The most dangerous person is the one who is not saved and is mounting the podium to minister.

• Salvation is deliverance from sin, the power of sin, the consequence and the penalty of sin.
• Sin is the willing disobedience to the known will of God.
• Repentance – It is a fundamental change of mind from being diverted from God to being in alliance with God and becoming a Son.
• Regeneration – Importation of the divine life into you that turns us to become a good person.
• In Jesus Name, I have being regenerated from the sinful habit and old lifestyle into new life. (Prayers)
• My heart, receive a regeneration by the spirit of God. (Prayers)
• The greatest miracle is the conversion of the soul of man.
• The Gospel is the specific revelation
• If you are a sinner, you’re just like a filthy rag

1. The sinners need to hear the Gospel – Mark 1:15
2. Hearing the word of God
3. Acknowledge that you are a sinner
4. Confessions

REPENTANCE – Mark 1:14 and 15;
• Repentance is not abstaining from something you know is not right.
• Repentance is not reformation
• Repentance is not sorrow over a wrong that had been done because others have noticed it.
• Repentance is not penance.
• Repentance still remains an inward change produced by the power of the Holy Spirit as the word of God is preached.
Calvary is ridiculous if your life can be changed and you do not know it!

Having studied this important subject on Salvation. Repentance is a major prerequisite to make heaven. You must turn from Satan to Jesus, and from the world to the WORD! You must let others see Jesus in you. Be a total replica of JESUS!



The moderator (Evangelist Egbekoya) came up with a slogan for the night GOSPEL CITY and the congregation shouted Land of Solution
The praise team led the congregation into powerful session of praise
The Hymn “The great Physician is here” was led by one of the choir leaders
Aftermath Ijala Jesu was invited to lead the congregation in Ijala Selected songs
There were series of TESTIMONIES shared after that
The choir gave their rendition after the announcements was made.
Pastor Taiwo Fagbuyi (Baltimore, USA) came up after a wonderful video introduction.
He mounted the podium and started with a song titled: “Miracle worker, come and do a miracle today…”
He ministered on the topic: “Immediately, Her Bleeding Stopped”.
Few of the points he raised was:
• Matthew 7:11 – There were four set of people who came with Jesus one of which was the lady who touched Jesus.
• Some people suffer because the devil has foreseen their glory.
• God is interested in both your physical and spiritual well-being
• Everything about Jesus is anointed.

• You will be re-instated to your comfort zone
• The Lord will empower you to end the terror of your family Goliath.
• Jesus will address your issues tonight In Jesus Name.
• Everyone that is believing God for the fruit of the womb God is answering you tonight by fire.
• Every family that is under pressure and in crisis, Jesus the prince of peace will bring peace to your family in Jesus name.
• There is somebody here, there are people you trained and they have now become your bosses, before the end of the year the Lord will change your story.
• Some people make money but some powers do not make them spend the money
• There is somebody here you fell into the hands of fraudsters and you have not been able to stand back on your feet, I announce to you the Lord is coming in for your help
• The power that is fighting your favour will disengage
• You have migraine and it has been there for some time, God is set to deliver you
• Your heart is beating so loud that you can hear with your ears, God wants to heal you

Other points are
• There is a difference between a closed door and a locked door
• Your miracle is on the way
• God wants you to be financially okay, 2 Cor 8:9
• If you are healed tonight and you are not save, the healing may not last because the enemy may put back the sickness in you and you may not make heaven
Key note
1. Have faith in God’s ability to help you, we serve a God who always respond with faith.
2. Be desperate with God in prayer
Evangelist Falade was called upon to take the testimony of the instant miracles from the message
Some of the testimonies taken were
Mrs. Sanyaolu – my leg has been paining me for a very long time. We were asked to put our hands on the place that is paining us. I placed my hand on the leg and it’s gone
I occasionally feel a pain in me, but tonight I couldn’t feel the pain anymore and I believe I’m completely healed.
The General Overseer took the benediction

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