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GOFAMINT Annual International Convention Day Two Summary

GOFAMINT Annual International Convention Day Two Summary


Pastor J.A.S Oluwafemi was introduced as the moderator for the morning session, he led the congregation in a series of songs that charged them to be ready to receive from the GIVER OF ALL.

Evangelist Femi was invited to lead the congregation to pray after a great praise session was led by the Praise team. They sang some dialectical songs (Egun). It was an awesome praise session indeed!

The congregational hymn (GHB 6 – There’s One above all earthly friends…) was taken while the congregation were standing. The minister (Pastor Gabriel Aina) for the Morning Tonic was invited with a song. “God has something to say…” He started the ministration by appreciating the leadership of the Mission and everyone present in the convention.

He ministered on the topic: “And the word became flesh” – John 1:1-28 (NKJV).

Some of the Points he mentioned was:

  • The Gospel of Christ is said to be the spiritual gospel.
  • The gospel of Christ is the gospel of truth and life.
  • The whole Bible is a revelation of God to man.
  • His life (Jesus’ Life) is the light of men
  • Men became partakers of the light through JESUS CHRIST!
  • Don’t just exist, LIVE for Christ!

Costly ignorance and redemption

  • Costly ignorance might hinder you from getting your blessings.
  • The highest miracle for you is the miracle of salvation
  • Never give up when there is resistance


  • John The Baptist – A man sent from God as a witness
  • As a minister of the gospel, you MUST know yourself.
  • You must avoid identity crisis.
  • The voice of John the Baptist was a divine voice.
  • John the Baptist had magnetic anointing.
  • John the Baptist recognizes and announces Jesus Christ!

The Man Of God Advised Young Ministers, He highlighted the below;

  • As a young minister, you must recognize your superiors in ministry and life to avoid entering into disgrace.
  • As leaders of people, you can get input from those coming behind you.
  • Recognizing and respecting your superiors in ministry brings a balance in your life and ministry.

Pastor Peter Awodimila ended the ministration with prayers for the people who were touched and they re-dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ!

Aftermath, Pastor S. Akinde came up to rejoice with people who received answers to their prayers at the  last year’s convention, Pastor S.O. Ewuola prayed after the people were counted.

The Choir selection was led by the General Overseer (Pastor Dr. E.O. Abina) – “Make me a channel of blessing”. Papa said the song is a song of prayer.




  • Our God is a generous giver.
  • It is a sin for you to waste your food – Jesus laid the example by not wasting the leftover after feeding 5000 men.
  • The Power of God is UNLIMITED – Ephesians 3:20
  • God never lies – Numbers 23:19
  • God’s word is settled – Psalms 119:89

GOD IS THE GIVER OF LIFE – Genesis 1:26 – 27

  • The spirit of God was placed in man in the course of creation.
  • God did not initially plan that man should die, because He is an everlasting God.

The General Overseer led a song – “E tun le se o, jube loo, leekan si…”

  • You don’t need to go anywhere, God is the GIVER OF ALL.
  • Don’t go helter-skelter.


  • God’s gifts are extravagant expressions of His love towards us – 1 John 3:1
  • You are not ordinary, you are extraordinary through the expressions of God’s love to us.
  • All God’s creation including humans are beneficiaries of God’s gift – Matthew 5:44 – 45
  • If praying for your enemy is bad, Jesus won’t lay down the example.
  • God is ever faithful to every promises of His.
  • You can’t be blessed if you don’t allow the word of God to penetrate into your life.
  • God is very good and He doesn’t give bad gifts.

God is the giver of:

  1. Good Gifts
  2. Peace
  • Blessings
  1. Wisdom,
  2. Knowledge
  3. Joy
  • Promotion                 .
  • Wealth
  1. People and
  2. Gifts of the spirit

He continued by saying;

  • Perfect Gifts are not withdrawn
  • The Holy Spirit is given to the body of Christ as a gift never to be withdrawn.
  • If you don’t give, you won’t receive.


In this study, it is clear that God is the Giver of All. God has created everything for man’s enjoyment. It is left for us to claim from the storehouse with our faith. God’s storehouse will never run dry.

We serve a Great God! He is the Giver of all! We are fortunate to be the children of this God.

The lecture was ended by a popular gospel song “You are great….”

The General Overseer prayed for debtors and aftermath he said the benediction.



MODERATOR – Evang. John Akinduyi

After the opening prayer, the moderator led the congregation in a song “God is good to me, He has done me well…”

He welcomed the worship leaders to lead the congregation in songs, in which they did in reggae style

The clouds is gathered and there will be revelation of God’s glory proclaimed the Moderator

The congregational song HYMN 152‘’Thou, whose almighty word…’’ was led by Pastor John Olayokun



Last 365 days has been full of challenges but God has been faithful

Appreciation was given to God and to the leadership of the church for their support to the mission work

In February 2018, Bolorunduro in Ondo State was established, the land has been added over to Akure district

July 9 2019 @ F.C.T Abuja a retreat was organized for field missionaries…renewed for Christ advance. Books and tapes were dis

On 0ct 19-24 2018 the head of mission led the team to Abia state.

The mission team embarked on different mission works and they returned with encouraging reports

The women from North America sponsored the purchase of two motorcycles

During an outreach 54 people chose the decision to follow Christ

By May 2019, The H.O.D (Pastor Paul Edu) was officially transferred to Philippine.

Means of mobility

This year 4 motorcycle were purchased N 429,000 was donated by the Women Ministry of GOFAMINT North America and also a family at Iwo Road gave a motorcycle they pleaded anonymity

Supports to the department for the works of mission can be donated to;




After the Missions report, Pastor Mafimisebi came up to make announcements and to also collect the worship offering. The moderator came up afterwards to introduce the Choir for their special ministration after which Evang. Ezekiel Falade stepped up for his ministration.

Evangelist Falade started the evening ministration by charging the congregation to shout great HALLELUYAH!

  • When God wants to help a man, sometimes it comes with no alert, it comes SUDDENLY!

He continued by singing a song “Almighty God that is your name…”

He ministered on the topic: Let the earth hear his voice – Romans 10:1-15; Psalm 24:1

  • Hearing the voice of God is compulsory for the earth
  • We are not limited because our God is unlimited.
  • We are the only tools needed to project the voice of God to the world.
  • When God is set, He becomes unstoppable
  • The child of God is a god.
  • You can’t please God without being His righteousness
  • Commitment is a great key to please God.
  • Service to God minus commitment = Nonsense
  • There’s no shame for you if you know the Lord
  • It is our sole responsibility to tell people about Christ
  • You must have passion for sinners.
  • What you consume doesn’t add any value to you but what you sow.
  • The food of the spirit is sacrifice.


  • As from today, people will be looking for you to assist you
  • As from today, you won’t do anything with stress
  • The Lord is putting an end to financial embarrassments in your life.

After the message, there was a call for the support of the mission work in India. Those who want to commit their life to the works of the mission were later prayed for.

The General Overseer said the benediction


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