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GOFAMINT Annual International Convention Summary Day Six

GOFAMINT Annual International Convention Summary Day Six


Moderator – Pastor M. Olabanji

The morning session started with an opening prayer, after which the praise team launched the whole congregation into the realm of praises.

There was prayer sessions taken in turns as ministers were invited to pray for different categories. Few of the categories are: the nation, the church, the gospel of Christ, all matured youths, troubled marriages and GOFAMINT.

The “Giver of All” theme song was performed by various artistes which includes; Fisayo Osho, Tomisin, Talking hands, Tijesu and Jesus Baby.

Pastor Beloved Alabi was invited to give a testimony.

“I came to Ogunmakin for Minister’s meeting but because my driver needs to convey some materials to the location where the drama and film unit are shooting a project, I allowed him to go to Lagos with the materials. I boarded a vehicle to take me back to the location after taking excuse from the leaders present at the meeting. On Shagamu expressway, 2 trailers lost control and one of the trailers rested on the bus I was in. The vehicle was completely crushed, beside me I was seeing crushed bones, fleshes and blood but God saved me from death. Here I am standing before the people of God. Praise God!”

  • Pastor Beloved Alabi

The congregational hymn was led by one of the choir leaders GHB 213 “My hope is built on nothing less”.

After the offering, some announcements were made which includes the usage of “Treasure of a decade” from the inception of the month of September for Bible Study programmes.

The General Overseer (Pastor Dr. E.O. Abina) was ushered onto the podium with a praise session unto God by The Praise Team.



  • Rebuilding means that it has been built before.
  • Self-examination is one of the key instruments needed to rebuild the wall.
  • You don’t have to announce that you’re a Christian, your character should reflect that you are.
  • The church of God is God’s family on earth.
  • Don’t discriminate, we are one in Christ.
  • A church is somewhere we need to love one another.
  • What makes you a Christian makes you a good citizen.
  • How we feel when things are going wrong reveals how genuine our concern is.
  • Don’t criticize your leaders, DO BETTER!
  • The Giver of all is the all-seeing God.


  • When a wall is broken, the inhabitants become a prey to their enemies
  • The broken walls symbolize areas of our lives that are not fully yielded to the Holy Spirit.
  • They are areas of our lives that cause the name of the Lord to be reproached.
  • The broken walls in the church are spiritual walls and not physical walls.


  • Concern Demonstrated (Nehemiah 1:4) – Nehemiah demonstrated a deep concern for the walls.
  • Confession Made (Nehemiah 1-7) – Confessional prayers births restoration and revival
  • Identification (Nehemiah 1:7) – No blame games, identify the issue and fix it.
  • Commitment – Nehemiah backed up his prayer with commitment and action and moved to rebuild the wall.


  • Love God (Deuteronomy 6:4-8) – The Giver of all demands that we love Him with all our heart, soul and strength.
  • Love the church – You’re a stakeholder in every church you are. No matter what you have, you are neither superior nor inferior to anyone else.
  • Love people (1 John 4:20) – The culture of the church is a culture of love. The greatest proof of the love you have towards God is how you treat people.


  • Fellowshipping creates bonding between people as members of the family of God.
  • The church is not a place where people create a class for themselves.
  • Anyone who only mingles with people of his or her ethnic group, class or status alone, while avoiding others, is not walking in love.


  • The Christian life is a life of sacrifice.
  • We should learn to sacrifice especially for the needy amidst us


  • Living a holy life is not a product of adherence to a set of rules but rather being totally yielded to the Holy Spirit.
  • We must be willing to obey God’s word, grow or mature spiritually and constantly manifesting the work of the spirit.


  • When the wall of evangelism is broken, people are not enthusiastic about soul winning.
  • Soul winning is a command and not a suggestion, therefore we MUST all obey.

THE WALL OF SERVICE (John 13:12-17)

  • The Giver of all has blessed us with talents, gifts and treasures with which we can serve Him and serve one another.
  • We must serve God because He has given us joy and gladness.
  • We are called to serve, no one must be too small for us to serve and we must never feel we are superior to others.


The church, which is the family of God on earth, should show love to each other, and even to the unbelievers, in order to win them to Christ.


The session was opened with prayer after which the praise team led a session of amazing praises to God. The choir gave a wonderful ministration titled: “He touched me”.

Evang. S. Orimogunje mounted the podium after the choir ministration, and he spoke on the topic: “SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTER” – Exodus 3:1-


  • Supernatural encounter is the involvement of heaven’s ability in the discharge of human’s responsibility.
  • If a life haven’t encountered God, that life will be wandering.
  • Faith is an instrument of hope.
  • Where there is an encounter, protocols don’t count.
  • Encounter is a personal issue i.e. between man and God.


  • As you leave this convention, you’re entering into your season of refreshment.


I had fibroid before, but immediately we started praying and I pressed the portion of my stomach that pains me. I couldn’t feel it again.


I’ve been bleeding since the past four months, now, I noticed the blood dried up.


Fayemi Oyerinde Family – the second day of convention last year, there was an incident that happened. It was a serious gas explosion during the convention. We want to appreciate God. It affected all our family, we’ve come to thank God for the perfection of our health.

I formerly battled with diabetes, I’ve spent a lot of money all to no avail. Glory to God, in last year’s convention, the Lord perfected my healing.

The choir gave a wonderful rendition in Yoruba language then, Pastor Peter Awodimila was invited to the podium and he made reference to what our General Overseer said that “The Lord should send five thousand” angels to work in our convention. He further introduced the second minister for the night, Evangelist Augustine Sossa (General Evangelist).

He was ushered in with his usual anthem. He ministered on the topic: “If you can believe” Exodus 14:23; 1 Samuel 7:10; 1 John 3:8.



P – Pipa (Killing)

A – Awon ton pa (Those that kill)

K – Kadara run (Destiny)


  • Jesus is the killer of those who kills destiny
  • You as a Christian must not live in accordance to the vices of this world.


  • The champion terrorizing your life will fall.
  • The Lord will destroy your destiny destroyers.
  • All mark of death are destroyed tonight In Jesus Name.
  • The Lord will destroy every battles in your life.
  • All powers that is chasing me because of my destiny, Lord destroy them.

The Man of God prayed for different category of people passing through one challenge or the other, having done that he told those he prayed for to check their body of the various healing the Lord gave to them.

There were numerous instant miracles among which is that of a deaf and dumb girl who heard and spoke up. Glory to God.

The General Overseer came forward; he prayed for the Minister and thereafter announced that the Deputy General Overseer celebrates his birthday today, he was prayed and sang for. After this, papa said the benediction and the service closed with the shout of seven (7) Halleluyah.


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