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Day 28: Tuesday 29th JANUARY, 2019

Day 28: Tuesday 29th JANUARY, 2019

Day 28: Tuesday 29th JANUARY, 2019


TEXT: JER. 30:13, 8:20-22; ISA. 61: 1-7


The overall welfare of human beings is the ultimate desire of God. He desires their salvation, deliverance, healing, restoration and blessings. This is the main reason why Jesus came to the world. (Acts 10:38). That is the same reason why Jesus sent His disciples to go into all the world (LK 10:19, Mark 16:17).

Virtually, all GOFAMINT ministers are properly brought up and well nurtured in the word of God. Many of them were trained in our Bible School, others in our mission school as well as school of evangelism. GOFAMINT products are in hot demands by other Churches because of the stuff we are made of. They are prepared in fulfillment of their calling.

These special specie of ministers have been sent to many countries of the world. It is expected that revolution and transformation would happen in all those countries hosting our ministers, and their citizens would not remain the same.

GOFAMINT which started about sixty three years ago through the instrumentality of our indefatigable founding General Overseer, Late Pastor R.A George, ably supported by our present General overseer, Pastor E.O Abina and other co-founders, made remarkable and positive impacts in the lives of Nigeria citizenry. Although, ours is a Church who does not make noise, her contributions to Christian body in Nigeria; are there for posterity.

Some three decades ago, GOFAMINT sent one of her ministers in person of Pastor Augustine Sossa to take the gospel to Benin Republic. Those were the days of godlessness and idolatry in that neighboring country. Against all odds, Evangelist Sossa took a step of faith and went in the power of the spirit and liberated that country. MEF as GOFAMINT is called in French Language; is a household name in that country today.

Benin Republic can now be rightly referred to as a Christian country, which was the opposite 40 years ago. Many other Churches in Republic of Benin, are now reaping the fruits of the “Gospel Tree” planted by GOFAMINT in that country.

This and more are the reports being expected from our ministers representing GOFAMINT in all countries of the world. They are not in those countries just to count days or make merriments, they are to make impacts.

“Darkness has covered the nations and gross darkness the people” (ISA 60:1). Our ministers had been given the balm of Gilead (spiritual medicine) to heal the lands and the people.

No excuse is acceptable as to why the people and the lands where our ministers are vigorously working for the gospel are not liberated (Healed). “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation”(Rom 1:16).

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds” (II Cor 10:4).

To enable our ministers fulfill their mission and get the results; we are praying for them today.

Let Us Pray

  1. Thank you Lord for your calling upon our ministers.
  2. Thank you for the great callings upon our founding fathers and other ministers you have called; with the holy calling.
  3. Thank you for the tremendous work you have used our different ministers to do over the years and all over the place.
  4. Renew your anointing upon our ministers and empower them to do more exploits, Oh Lord.
  5. Lk 5:7, As the Church with the word for the world, back up our teachings ministry with greater power than ever before; in Jesus’ name.
  6. Mark 16:20 , Every nation all over the world, where our ministers preach your word, confirm it with signs following, Oh Lord.
  7. Let life transformation continue to characterize the ministrations of all our ministers, Oh Lord.
  8. Release your healing anointing upon all our ministers for the healing of the nations, Oh Lord.
  9. Help all our ministers to lead by example, Oh dear Father.
  10. Make all impossibilities possible in the ministry of all our ministers, Oh Lord.
  11. Perform signs and wonders through the ministrations of our ministers; so that many more people will believe you in Jesus’ name.
  12. Grant our ministers all over the world revelational knowledge of your word for spiritual transformation of all Church membership.
  13. We break every barrier on the way to ministerial success of all our ministers in Jesus’ name.
  14. Give each of our ministers; the keys to open the hearts of people in their respective communities, bringing people en-mass to the Church.
  15. Give unto each ministers; the same anointing you gave late Pastor R.A George and Pastor E.O Abina by which they grew this Church to the present level.
  16. Grant every minister in every location and country; the dominion over all territorial spirits; ruling the world around them.
  17. Let the same measure of authority that followed the disciples; which made demons to bow down for them be upon all our ministers, Oh dear Lord.
  18. We bind the spirit of failure and we release the spirit of success upon all our ministers, Oh Lord.
  19. We prophesy that GOFAMINT branches all over the world; grow in numbers, grow in spirit and in good works.
  20. Cause each of our ministers to progress in every area of their lives in Jesus’ name.
  21. Make all our assemblies solution center and all our ministers solution instruments, Oh Lord.
  22. Dear father, bless the lives and families of all our ministers in Jesus’ name.

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