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TEXT: GEN. 9:27, 1 CHRONICLES 4:10, ISAIAH 42:4



The GOFAMINT in North America is not a new entrant in the gospel history there among African Pentecostals. The Lord led our late USA National Overseer, Rev (Dr) Francis Aremo to North America in 1981, from where in 1984 the GOFAMINT was established in Washgton D.C. by 4 members. That small Church then has risen to become a large tree today with several branches, home to thousands of people of God in over 23 Assemblies., tagged ‘Houses’ with different appellations and headquartered by House of Hope in Maryland; currently under the national leadership of Pastor Sunday Adu.

The North America continent consists of USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Haiti, Bahamas, et, making a total of about 41 countries with population of about 580 million. (These countries include those under overseas administration). Among these 41 countries, USA population is 328 million, Mexico 125 million and Canada 37 million making a total of about 80% of the overall North America population. The harvest is truly plenteous! (Matt 9:37). South America, on the other hand has 14 nations (both dependent and independent), with a total population of 415 million, out of which Brazil alone is 209 million (or about 50%). Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela Chile all make up another 30%. In none of these nations is GOFAMINT existing. We need to pray hard that our gospel net this year will reach out to more souls in these nations and GOFAMINT will be planted among the indigenes.

Nevertheless, we thank God that GOFAMINT North America has extended her frontiers to some other nations such as Canada, Dominican, Mexico and Jamaica. However, much grounds are yet to be covered even in USA where, out of 52 states, we exist in only about 11 states. The Lord will arise upon His Church and bear them on eagles wings of growth in coming years through our prayers in Jesus’ name.

We also need to pray seriously for the American Church because the Lord had used them several times to intervene in many of our Foreign Mission fields. The Lord who enlarged Japhet (Gen 9:27) will surely enlarge them as He did for Jabez (1 Chr. 4:10), so that they can do more.

Finally, the North American Churches pay their tithes of tithes regularly to the home Church in Nigeria. This is worthy of emulation by other fields, as the Lord continues to grant them open heavens in finances. We trust the Lord that very soon, the Lord of Prophecy (Rev. 19:10) will advance them significantly to South America, if the Lord tarries.


  1. Let us thank God for raising up GOFAMINT in North America and blessing His Church there with all blessings in the spiritual realm.
  2. Let us thank God for the dynamic, exemplary and selfless leadership the Lord had given our Church in North America hitherto.
  3. Let us bless the Lord that the various branches we have in North America are standing firm in the faith, once delivered to the saints. (Jude vs 3).
  4. Now pray that as they remain faithful and committed to the Lord, He would fulfill His good word to them by granting them possession of the good land for the gospel.
  5. Pray for the financial growth of the North American Churches, that they will not lack what is needed for their overall growth and development.
  6. Pray that the decadence of the American society will not adversely affect our up-coming young generation, but that the Lord will make them to impact their world positively.
  7. That the Lord will raise up among our members great professionals and financially viable; who will use their means to advance the gospel in North America.
  8. As the North American Church is printing their own Sunday School Manuals, Let us pray that the word of God will grow mightily and prevail everywhere they go.
  9. Pray for the various branches to multiply apostolically by the power of the Holy Spirit and by the word of God.
  10. The plan of GOFAMINT North America to develop the Haven Suites Project of the Gospel City to its full capacity will be accomplished in Jesus’ name.
  11. The Lord will help GOFAMINT N.A. to accomplish their vision of the GOFAMINT City in USA without stress and in a record time.
  12. The Lord to equip the leadership in North America with great apostolic tools of discipleship and 5-fold ministries for exponential growth this end time.
  13. Let us pray for all our children from Nigeria who have gone to the USA, but not yet affiliated with GOFAMINT N.A for one reason or the other, that the Lord will perfect their assimilation.
  14. Let us pray for the USA government, that as the Lord had used this country as the ‘Japhet’ of nations over the years, that the Lord will use them at this time to rise against the satanic kingdom of bondwoman in Nigeria and other parts of the world.
  15. The American government declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to the displeasure of United Nations, thus fulfilling the word in Gen. 9:27. Let us pray that the Lord will uphold His word on that Country.
  16. Pray for GOFAMINT N.A. that the Lord will provide them with needed resources to spread their tentacles to the countries of South America.
  17. Pray for the National overseer, Pastor Sunday Adu, and his executives, that the Lord will uphold them in exemplary servant leadership lifestyle among the people.
  18. O Lord, raise covenant helpers for the GOFAMINT N.A. and bear them on eagles’ wings of flight to all the 52 states of USA.
  19. As the GOFAMINT N.A reaches out to other nations and mission fields, that the Lord will bless them back in 100-fold returns.

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