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TEXT: ISAIAH 42:4, 60:9, ACTS 2:9, ACTS 19:10-31



The GOFAMINT Church is yet to get a very strong footing in these Regions, which might be rightly called ‘EURASIAUSTRALIA’ These nations constitute the then known central world, and the “uttermost parts of the earth” (Ps 2:8, Acts !:8). These nations form the largest population block of the world, spanning over three continents. Europe consists of the 28 shenghen nations, viz, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, UK, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithunia, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia. Other European nations outside Shenzhen are 20, including such prominent ones as Norway, Switzerland, Uleraine, Iceland, Georgia, Belarus, etc. The nations are largely unreached by GOFAMINT so far. It can be seen that our Church exist in only 4 out of these 48 nations of Europe! The harvest truly is plenteous!, with overall population of 741 million in 2018 for these European Nations. The nations where we exist for now are Ireland, UK, Belgium and France, as we are set to enter Italy now. Asia is the Earth’s largest and most populous continent with a 2016 population of 4.463 billion. It consist of 50 independent countries including India, Arabia, China and Far East (Japan) extractions of all these nations. The GOFAMINT exist in only four (4) viz, Northern Cyprus, (Turkey), Israel, Philippines, and Dubai (UAE). This is a serious matter and we need to pray hard for Missionary Advance into the remaining 46 countries, among which are China, India, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. The harvest truly is plenteous!

The last continent in this EURASIAUSTRALIA is Australia, which also have other prominent nations as New Zealand and Papua New Guinea with a total population of just 31 million (2009). There are 14 independent countries and 12 dependent overseas territories with Australia occupying 86% of the total area. Our Church exist in Australia and we have 2 branches, with great prospect of propagation to other areas. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform this kingdom advancement. (Isaiah 9:7).


  1. Let us thank God that the GOFAMINT had an early entrance into Europe through the United Kingdom and the Lord is still with us there.
  2. Our UK Churches suffered a setback some years ago through the disloyalty of some ministers, but let’s bless God that the Church is still marching on, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against us.
  3. As the UK Churches are growing again, let us pray for visionary and accountable leadership to advance the gospel to UK at this time of spiritual depression of their citizens.
  4. Pray for our Ireland Churches that the Lord will strengthen them to flourish in the ministry of the Word of God and Prayers, and to be of covenant help for the UK branches, while also growing in Ireland.
  5. Pray for our Belgium branches that this year they will spring up from their present low population, and be connected with apostolic grace of growth as in Acts 4:33.
  6. Let us pray for our Belgium Church that the Lord will cause them to tap into the advantage of being the political capital of Europe to propagate the word in the continent, and reach such strategic nations as Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal.
  7. The General Evangelist, Augustine Souzza had recently launched GOFAMINT in Paris, France as a Francophone initiative. Let us pray that the Church be strengthened both in the Word and in Prayer Ministry (Acts 6:4) to reach other similar francophone Europe.
  8. Our 2018 Pilgrimage team to Rome led by the DGO, Pastor Dr. Oluwayemi, had concluded all plans for the take-off of GOFAMINT in Rome, (Italy) unfailingly this year. Let us raise our voices in prayer of agreement on this for total success.
  9. Through a prophetic delivery on our 2018 Pilgrimage contingents, the Lord said our Church will be footed in Turkey and we bless god that in September 2018, GOFAMINT was inaugurated in Northern Cyprus (Turkey) through one of our young minister on PHD studies there. Release grace for growth on them.
  10. That the Lord will use our next generation graduates in search of education and jobs to penetrate these nations with the Gospel and plant GOFAMINT in Europe, and Asia, in similitude of what happened in Turkey.
  11. Let us pray that the Islamic and Asian migrants into Europe who are now bringing Islamic militancy there will suffer spiritual casualty, as the Lord will raise up iHis hihhhHis children to minister salvation to many of them, who will then take the gospel back to their home countries.
  12. Pray that Europe will bounce back into her frontline position as Gospel Missionary base, as the Lord uses us in Africa to preach, teach and live the word among them.
  13. Asia is a serious case continent, with our existence in only 4 out of 50 nations! Let us pray that help with arise for GOFAMINT this year into more nations, especially India and China.
  14. The GOFAMINT is set to make a strategic in-road to India through the missionary drive of our dear Pastor Tosin Oladapo. Let us pray for eagles wings success this year.
  15. The GOFAMINT is yet to prospect China, but we have a few of our young generation graduates that the Lord can lay hands upon as they currently work, live and study there. Let us lift them up in prayers for covenant help.
  16. Both China and India account for over 60% of the Asian population. Let us pray that the Lord will plant us solidly in these two mega-nations this year.
  17. Financing Church planting in these nations could be burdensome and prohibitive, most especially that many of them are hearthen. Let us pray that God will help us raise the finances of these nations to plant GOFAMINT there.
  18. Our Churches in Asia currently exist in Israel, Philippines, Dubai and most recently Turkey, (Northern Cyprus). Let us pray that the Lord will consolidate our hold in these hostile territories and make His word prevail.
  19. Let there be adequate finances in the appropriate local currencies of these countries for our Churches there to be self-supporting and propagating.
  20. Let us pray for missionary success into Malaysia and Hong Kong; as God laid it in the heart of our father in the Lord, the G.O. Pastor (Dr) E.O. Abina over 15 years ago, that year will be The Year of Fulfillment.
  21. Remember Australia, that the Lord will continue to strengthen them with covenant helpers by the Holy Ghost to grow and consolidate into more locations by the spirit of excellence in the word.
  22. Pray for the movement by fire of the Holy Ghost through us in GOFAMINT to blow over the whole lands of EURASIAUSTRALIA with the word of God as the waters cover the sea (Hab 2:14) in the spirit of the end-time prophecy on GOFAMINT.

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