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TEXT “ PROV. 3: 9-10, 2 CHR 31:5-8, JAMES 1:18, 2 KING 4:4-44



The Lord led our father in the Lord, the General Overseer, Pastor (Dr) E.O. Abina to embark on this sacrificial giving towards our Gospel City Project and Annual Convention in 2017. It was the first time we would do such a thing, but it was a great experience for our Church, as it taught us and brought us into a higher realm of giving. This sacrificial giving continued by consensus January 2018 because of the tremendous positive results and testimonies experienced in the Annual Convention 2017, with consequent holding of the second Annual Convention at the Gospel City in 2018, tagged. “Going Higher”. The consensus among our leaders have continued for the sustainability of this first Fruitlike Giving into this year 2019. To God be the glory!

First Fruits is not the same as Tithes . Technically, tithes is not an offering because it belongs to the Lord. When we bring our tithe to the Lord, we really have not “GIVEN” Him anything yet. Of course, we are “blessed” by the Lord to bringing our tithe into the “storehouse” as the prophet Malachi proves, but “FIRST FRUITS” is different. The tithe “opens the windows of heaven,” (Malachi 3:10), but the “FIRST FRUITS” offering brings the glorious INCREASE we have been yearning for! Remember again, it is an offering, not our tithe. It could be your first salary on that new job; it could be a portion of the sale of that house or piece of property. But in the present situation in GOFAMINT, we all agree it is our first month (January) income in 2019, which we started doing since 2017. This is to break the yoke of financial hardship and poverty in this period of economic recession. Instead of you to suffer, your stubborn pharaoh will go for it! This is a Covenant we have with God as a Church in this New Era of NO MORE LACK in GOFAMINT!


  1. Divine Guidance: The Lord makes a way where there seems to be no way. When the Children of Israel offered their first fruits unto God, the Lord led them through the Red Sea and the Wilderness by a pillar of cloud and fire, by day and night (Exod 13:21).
  2. Divine Protection: The Israelites became God’s special and chosen possession. They are the apple of His eyes. He suffered no man to do them wrong.(Psalm 105:12-15)
  3. Divine Supplies: You enter into the era of ‘overflowing abundance’, ‘more than enough’ and ‘no more lack’. How? — “IN GOOD MEASURE, PRESSED DOWN, SHAKEN TOGETHER AND RUNNING OVER” (Luke 6:38) Concerning the Apostles, the Scriptures said that ‘there was none among them that lacked’ (Acts 4:34)

Elijah the prophet told the widow by divine injunction “… do mine own first … for this saith the Lord … the barrel of meal shall not waste … “. (1 kings 17: 13-14. Our own ‘Elijah’ today Pastor (Dr) Elijah Abina, is also telling us by prophecy that as we put God first in our income/finances this new year 2019, no matter how tight the economic situation of Nigeria may seem to be, your barrel of meal shall increase, and your cruise of oil shall not fail/cease until there is a restoration of all things. Let us approach this year’s First Fruit – Like Giving in this manner once again and our testimonies shall over flow in Jesus’ name.

In the final analysis, when we give to the Lord in this way, we cultivate in general, a habit and grace of generous giving. The first and Best to God is the true foundation of all our giving. Do we expect anything from God in return for this giving?. Sure! Our Anchor of last year 2018 Eph 4:19 is the answer. The Church at Ephesus practiced this and Paul prophesied this great scripture over their lives. In a similar vein, under the prophetic unction of our G.O., the Anchor of 2018 will still continue to work for you in addition to Year 2019 Anchor as you continue fulfilling God’s Agenda and advancing His Kingdom through the First Fruit-Like Giving.



  1. O Lord, we thank you again for the breakthrough and blessings we have enjoyed in the past years.
  2. We thank you for our members who are prospering in different areas of career and calling.
  3. Father, supply all the needs of our members according to your riches in glory even in this period of economic downturn.
  4. Lord bless and prosper the purse of our sponsors and financiers in GOFAMINT. They must not come down in Jesus’ name.
  5. We secure open heaven of supernatural blessings for all our members in Jesus’ name.
  6. Let us give thanks to the Lord for the faithfulness of certain people in our midst in their tithing and First Fruit Like giving and their generosity in supporting God’s work in GOFAMINT generally.
  7. Let us give praises to the Lord for positive response from our people toward the first fruit in January, some in February and March of last year 2018.
  8. Father, according to your word, let the windows of heaven be opened and pour down rain of blessing upon them all.
  9. We stand against devourers, they shall never have access to the lives of those faithful and obedient Ministers and members in this Mission.
  10. We pray that the business of these faithful ones be enlarged, so that they will give more than double of what they have been giving.
  11. Lord, let there be connection for your people to lift them from where they are to where you want them to be from this year on-ward.
  12. Father, let the door of big and profitable contracts be opened for our technicians, contractors and artisans in Jesus’ name.
  13. O Lord of blessing, let this year be a year of promotion for our federal, state and local government workers, including those in private employments.
  14. Father, let the heart of tithes defaulters be touched that they may begin to do the right thing for their own blessings.
  15. Father eternal, let there be willingness and blessings for all Ministers and members in GOFAMINT to participate fully in the first fruit giving of this year.
  16. Declare for yourself, :Though my First Fruit-Like Offering of this year, I consolidate my harvest into the GOFAMINT “Era of No More Lack”.
  17. The Bible says :… the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just: (Prov. 13:22). Pray that through this sacrificial giving wealth will change hands into our hands as God’s obedient children.
  18. Open to Gen. 31:10 and pray that you will dream a dream that will transfer wealth into your hands from the hands of your Laban.
  19. If you have already been given a dream, pray that the Lord will grant you wisdom, divine favour and help to bring it to reality.
  20. Using Isaiah 43:4 and 2 Kings 7:1-9, pray that in the same way the Lord drove away the Syrians with a great noise from heaven, the Lord will release the wealth of the ungodly in this nation unto us.
  21. This year, I shall not borrow but will lend to nations. I receive divine ideas that will catapault me into greatness in this land. Every spirit of debt, poverty and misfortune, I bind you in Jesus’ name.
  22. Open to Matt. 24:28 and begin to prophesy emphatically to your life that all the good parcels and blessing God has ordained for you this year should begin to locate you from the four corners of the earth. (Isaiah 43:6).
  23. Pray for yourself. “Lord bear me on eagles” wings this year and carry me on the shoulders of giants to a new land of opportunity, where God will make room for my Rehoboth (Gen 26:22).
  24. Pray again “Lord Jesus, anoint my eyes to see the hidden riches of this world and thereafter, by a strong and mighty Arm of God, let the riches of the ungodly be transferred into my hands.

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