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TEXT: Psalm 24:1-2,Hag. 2:3-9


Prosperity is a largely misconceived topic of the Bible by believers. There are different schools of thought on it. While some believe that believers are supposed to be prosperous, others thought that prosperity is the enemy of spirituality.

We have no business in supporting either of the two schools of thought. Our focus is about our God given commission, which can only be done with better prosperity!

God created this world with the fullness of material resources, which are meant to be tapped and used for His glory and kingdom. Prosperity is the legal acquisition of material resources, anyone who acquires it and deploys it to build the kingdom of God; pleases God and makes God happy. People like Abraham, Jacob, David and believers in the early Church in Jerusalem, are good examples. On the other hand, if one acquires and uses it for self-gratification, it becomes a sin.

In the book of Exodus, when Israelites were to leave Egypt; God told them to demand for gold, silver and other materials from the Egyptians; which they did. These were the materials used in the wilderness to build the tabernacle. When the temple was to be built in Jerusalem also, different people made generous donations towards the building of the temple. David did set the pace and others followed his example. They did this because they had the resources. Also, in the New Testament, people donated generously to get the New Testament Church on her footing.

No serious progress could be made in the spreading of the gospel without prosperity, no matter how much of the word, the anointing and the vision we carry; without prosperity, we cannot go far. Many youths in GOFAMINT have been equipped spiritually. They have the word and filled with the spirit; willing to go out for God to spread the gospel and plant Churches all over the world, but they are held back because of lack of materials resources. God says, “my city shall be spread abroad through prosperity”.

As a Church, we have the vision and the mandate to spread the gospel by planting Churches all over the world. Lack of fund is the major hurdle. We are praying for divine provision today. However, we need to know that we also need a change of mindset about prosperity. If we don’t have money as individual members, the Church cannot have money. If the Church does not have money; the work of the kingdom will be stalled.

The word of God in Psalm 24 made us to know that God has created abundance of resources on earth.Oursis to discover them, tap and channel them toward the kingdom work. You cannot give what youdon’thave.We cannot use what we don’t have. Individual member four Church can have more than they have presently. GOFAMINT can have multiple increase in her income. Then we can do the kingdom work more effectively than we are doing now.


  1. Thank you Lord for the spreading of the gospel through GOFAMINT to the whole world.
  2. Thank you for the strategic rich people you gave to GOFAMINT as gift over the years; who had given their resources to enable GOFAMINT achieve our modest success.
  3. Touch the heart of the people in our Church, who have the material resources, to willingly surrender them for God’s use in Jesus’ name.
  4. Give us more strategic rich men and women in GOFAMINT, who have the resources to continue to sponsor the ministry of GOFAMINT in a greater way in Jesus’ name.
  5. Teach all of us to know that we need to acquire material resources for the advancement of the kingdom.
  6. Transfer the resources in the hands of unbelievers to the hands of your children in the GOFAMINT, for the propagation of the gospel.
  7. Open the hearts and the eyes of our members to know about the resources you have reserved for them in order to access and possess the kingdom advancement.
  8. Let there be supernatural provision for your children in GOFAMINT in Jesus’ name.
  9. Open the windows of the treasures of heaven and pour down blessings for GOFAMINT members that there will not be enough rooms to contain them.
  10. Open the doors of our blessings for us, from where we expect, where we do not expect and from where we least expect!
  11. Like the Egyptians of old,help GOFAMINT members to obtain favour from their neighbours whereby miraculous provisions will be given them.
  12. Dear Father,bless every GOFAMINT member because of the work of the kingdom and teach each of us to know that the reason for our blessing is thekingdom’s work.
  13. Place GOFAMINT members at strategic positions of blessing in order to have enough for the kingdom work.
  14. Teach, guide and counsel every GOFAMINT members to pay their tithes faithfully and regularly for the advancement of the kingdom in Jesus’ name.
  15. Make this year a year of divine provision and promotion for every GOFAMINT member in Jesus’ name.
  16. Help each of us to attain the financial level we never attained before in life, this year in Jesus’ name.
  17. Give us financial breakthrough on our missionary undertakings this year and beyond in Jesus’ name.
  18. We decree the provision of enough resources to meet our home and foreign mission needs, this year and continuously in Jesus’ name.

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