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Day 17: Friday 18TH JANUARY 2019

Day 17: Friday 18TH JANUARY 2019

Day 17: Friday 18TH JANUARY 2019


Text: II Kings19:1-18



Like the Elijah of the Bible times, the Elijah of today, our General Overseer, Pastor Elijah Oludele Abina is a pillar of the kingdom. An ambassador of God per excellence. He was a co-father of the Gospel Faith Mission International and the first Deputy General Overseer. He is an emblem of evangelism and one of the founding fathers of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.

Since he took the mantle of leadership, after the transition of our amiable founding General Overseer, GOFAMINT has been going from strength to strength. The same way that the Elijah of the Bible faced various challenges, is the way the present Elijah also faces challenges in his ministry. The same Lord God of Elijah who was with him, who fought , defended and protected him; is the one doing same for our Elijah of today.

The General Overseer has taught us in GOFAMINT not to see human beings as our enemies, neither should we rain curses on any person. In the light of this, we are not going to brand any person as the enemy of our General Overseer; in our prayers today. We know whom his arch-enemy is, satan! We shall direct our arsenal to him and obtain more victories for today’s Elijah, our General Overseer.

Points to note:

  1. Elijah was only second to Moses of all the old testament prophets. Infact, it was two of them who appeared on the mount of transfiguration with Jesus in the New Testament as recorded in Matthew 17. Our own Elijah is also second to the first General Overseer of GOFAMINT.
  2. Fearless Preacher: The first Elijah was a fearless prophet, who delivered God’s message without minding whose ox is gored. Our Elijah of today is also reputed as the preacher of righteousness. He is generally recognized among fellow ministers of God in Nigeria as a trusted custodian of the truth. Anytime they need someone to preach the undiluted truth of the word, they quickly call him to take the assignment.
  3. Constant Threat by the Kingdom of darkness: Jezebel and her husband, who were embodiment of Satan; were threat to Prophet Elijah for preaching the truth. Our Elijah loves all, but he would never compromise the truth, no matter who is involved. He also had faced opposition and threat from the agents of darkness, times without number. The Lord who fought for Elijah, is always fighting for him
  4. A man of Burden: The Bible Elijah in sorrow almost throughout his life-time because of the wicked ways and actions of the people of Israel. Especially their idolatry (1 Kings 19:14). Our own Elijah also carries God’s burden on his heart, especially at it concerns godliness and word evangelism. This has been his identity since his early Christian life till old age. His heart-cry is godliness in the Church and conversion of the unbelievers.
  5. Mandated to choose, anoint and install new generation of Ministers – vs. 15-18. Because of the burden of God’s work in the heart of Elijah, God led him to choose new generation of ministers who will carry the work of the ministry to the next level. The same thing the Lord is doing by leading and guiding our Elijah to put the right peg in the right hole in choosing God’s chosen ones and placing them in the different offices to take GOFAMINT to the next level.

Let us Pray

  1. Thank You Father for the good foundation of our Church, GOFAMINT.
  2. Thank You for choosing the right materials as the first and the second General Overseers of GOFAMINT.
  3. Thank You Father for calling and using the first and the present General Overseers for our spiritual and material benefits and blessings.
  4. Thank You Lord for using these two great men of Yours and their fellow ministers to help us to know You.
  5. Thank You for helping our Elijah (the G.O.) since he took over the leadership of this Church to lead us to greater heights.
  6. Thank You for using him to increase the number of people, the Churches, the ministers and improving infrastructures.
  7. Dear Lord, the same way you ministered to the need of the first Elijah with bread and water, minister also to the need of our Elijah and strengthen him for the remaining part of his ministerial journey in life.
  8. Silence the mouth of all Jezebels confronting him and his ministry, Oh Lord.
  9. Pluck the teeth of all roaring lions of his life and family, oh dear Father.
  10. The same way you spoke clearly to the first Elijah about the cloudy situation that surrounded him, speak also clearly to our Elijah today to see everything going on in the Church, in the right perspective, Oh Lord.
  11. By the virtue of your calling and anointing upon your servant, we all decree that all Jezebels in GOFAMINT shall be eaten up by dogs in Jesus’ name.
  12. Renew the spiritual, ministerial and physical strength of your servant (our Elijah) in Jesus’ name.
  13. Help our Elijah, the G.O. to carry-out his remaining assignments with precision by choosing those whom you choose into very sensitive offices before he leaves the scene, Oh Lord.
  14. Whatever legacy you want him to leave behind, dictate to him to do them clearly oh Lord.
  15. Holy Spirit, overwhelm him with the glory and power of the latter days’ house in Jesus’ name.
  16. Bless everyone and everything that belongs to him in Jesus’ name.

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