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Africa is as old as the Bible, dating back to Israel’s days of slavery in Egypt. It’s unfortunate today that a continent as old as Africa is only just over 60years old in Independence from colonial powers. The Gospel had an early entrance into Africa through the sojourn of the Holy family in Egypt, when Jesus was brought from Israel due to Herod’s persecution. The Ethiopian Eunuch was the first African to be evangelized. Nevertheless, with all these advantages, Africa has been so backward in the gospel and concerted efforts have to be made to advance the kingdom in Africa. Christianity is however now on the increase in African continent, as it was predicted that in the next century, the centre of gravity of Christianity in the world would shift to Nigeria. In the 1900s, Africa had 10million Christians and by 2,000, that number had grown to 360 million. This marks the largest quantitative religious shift in world history. The threat of radical Islamism is a major challenge to Africa, as many African nations including Nigeria, are besieged by Islamic terrorists and jihadists, Islamic political rulers.

What role do we have to play as GOFAMINT Church in these unfolding scenarios?

  1. The GOFAMINT Word Ministry must be re-packaged to as many African countries as possible, because righteousness exalt a nation (Prov. 14:34), also, the word Ministry will recreate lives and destinies. (Heb 11:3).
  2. The GOFAMINT is a Mission Church, and we must intensify on our Foreign Mission drives to African nations, where we are non-existent.
  3. The GOFAMINT must trust the Lord for finances to minister to the largely poor and agrarian population in Africa, through her missionary thrust.

Our Church GOFAMINT currently exist in the following 8 Anglophone African countries, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa and Nigeria, while we are also in the following 7 Francophone Countries, Cote D’voire, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin Republic, Niger, Cameroun and Gabon, making only 15 out of the 54 countries of Africa. To understand the Magnitude of the Mission demands ahead of us, the following breakdown of African Countries will suffice; 21 Anglophone, 18 Francophone, 10 Arab and 5 Portuguese countries. It is our prayers that the Lord will grant us entries into many of these nations, while consolidating our hold in those ones where we already exist.


  1. Pray for the 8 Anglophone African countries where GOFAMINT exist, that our Word Ministry will prevail and grow to multiply disciples in those countries.
  2. That our existing Francophone countries will take the word of the Lord to every nook and crannies of their lands as well as other Francophone countries.
  3. Let us pray that our Churches in these countries will be able to develop indigenous resources to be self-supporting and propagating.
  4. Let us pray that all the poverty-stricken nations of Africa will receive timely aid to rescue the perishing and be converted to Christ.
  5. Pray for a necessary network of covenant help in finances for our African Mission fields to become self-supporting within a short time of operation.
  6. Let us remember those fields in Africa that we have spanned about 10 years of establishment,(such as South Africa, Botswana, Kenya) but still struggling to find feet, that this year, the Lord will raise help for them.
  7. Also, remember those fields where we have been for 30-40 years, such as Benin, Ghana, Liberia, that the Lord will make them stronger enough to sponsor the propagation of the gospel in younger African fields.
  8. The Lord should give GOFAMINT a breakthrough into the 5 Portuguese African Countries of Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe. (Pastor Akinola has prospected into Mozambique in 2014)
  9. Let’s pray that the 10 Arab Nations of Africa will also receive penetration by GOFAMINT in coming year (Right now we are only in Egypt, but we have made in-roads to Sudan, South Sudan and Morocco, through business as Mission concept).
  10. Pray for our South African Church to grow this year, overcome Xenophobic challenges and propagate beyond their frontiers; the Gospel of the Kingdom.
  11. Remember those nations where our Church has leadership challenges, that the Lord will silence the enemy and make us wax stronger in unity.
  12. Pray for our Church in Egypt, which is still largely ‘Yoruba” in nature, that the Lord will grant us the missionary grace to advance into the Arab citizens there.
  13. Ask the Lord to raise up young members among us, who will have the wisdom and mind of ‘Business As Mission’ to take up business challenges in such African nations where we are not yet existing, in order to plant GOFAMINT there.
  14. Kenya Church has two flourishing Mission fields. Let us pray that their desire to advance into the East African countries of Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia this year will materialize.
  15. Ask the Prince of Peace to intervene in war-torn areas of Africa, like Eritrea, Somalia, Libya, Rwanda etc so that the Gospel will penetrate through GOFAMINT to bring lasting peace and godliness.
  16. Pray that wealth will change hands from the hands of corrupt and despotic African leaders into the hands of God-fearing younger leaders for the sake of the Gospel. (Prov. 13:22).
  17. Pray that African nations that have been besieged by Islamic insurgents will receive their liberty. Use Nigeria as a point of contact.
  18. Let God arise and scatter all His enemies beyond Africa nations, who are sponsoring bloodshed through Islamic militancy and insurgency. Let their habitation become desolate, and let the Prince of Peace take His rule and reign in such nations from now.

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