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Convention 2018 DAY TWO (EVENING)

Convention 2018 DAY TWO (EVENING)


The evening session started with a powerful high praise led by the National praise team, coupled with Mission Report from different fields. Loads of people from different area and assemblies were all on a very long queue to testify to the Glory of God in the previous convention. Isn’t this great? There was a captivating testimony from a man from Warri, who was formerly a Baptist member, He got 2 children when he least expected and now, he officially announced to be a GOFAMINT member, he added that he had no job but he believes God will give him one before next year. Glory!

Evangelist E.O. Falade mounted the pulpit to introduce the first minister for the night, the minister (Prophet Adebisi Abiola) who came with some of his Pastors created a great atmosphere of worship before ministering. He (Pastor Adebisi Abiola) made the congregation know that Jesus is always the positive type and he urged the congregation to scream “Yes”!
He further advised the congregation to be prepared to receive “All Things” from God.
He spoke on the topic “Obedience Takes You To Greater Heights While Disobedience Brings You Down” Deut. 28:1, Psalm. 119:105


  • When God brings up a man, no one can bring him down
  • He said “Never judge or address someone with the way you met him, because you don’t know how God will address him / her
  • Don’t be static, be active for God
  • The word of God is a lamp to the feet of every Christian
  • If you’re without Jesus, you have small light
  • If you don’t build something that will build you things, you might not get outcome.

He said; allow the spirit of God in your life, so you can be a better person.

Prayer: Father! Before the end of this programme, manifest yourself!

Two people handed over their whole ministry, their church and themselves to GOFAMINT! Halleluyah!!!
The message ended with powerful prayer & deliverance.
The Benediction was said by Pastor (Dr.) E.T. Oluwayemi (Deputy General Overseer)


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