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Convention 2018 Day Three

Convention 2018 Day Three



The programme started with an unusual praise session led by the praise team leagues of saxophonist. It was indeed a “Saxopraise” session. The morning supplication was taken by Pastor Daniel Aghanenu (Numbers 23:1-4).
The prayer was centered on GOFAMINT ministers for fire and added anointing, the General Secretary (Pastor Femi Omowunmi) rounded up the supplication session. The congregational hymn was led by the National Choir Master (Hymn 309), I am thine oh lord… Pastor Taiwo Fagbuyi mounted the pulpit immediately after the Hymn. He ministered on the topic: “My Life must receive a total turnaround for good” 1 Chron. 4:9-10.


  • God makes all supernatural turnaround possible.
  • God will not turn things around for you unless you play your part.
  • Every breakthrough has a price.
  • You must intentionally rebel against every situation that does not glorify God in your life.
  • You must engage the force of righteous hunger for a new level.
  • You must desire a supernatural turnaround (Luke 16:20-27).
  • You must have a possibility mindset. I.e. you must be positive always.
  • Study people who their lives turned around for Good in the Bible and emulate them.
  • Some things will not turn around for you until you turn unto God.
  • Prayer is the spiritual prescription for an individual’s affliction.
  • Don’t be afraid of starting again.
  • Never stop asking for mercy of God.
If you want a total turnaround in your life, you have to do the things the Biblical examples did. He ended his message with the song “Jehovah turns my life around, he makes a way….”


Mr. Gbenga Alo  (Region 7, Ayantuga Ass) – He said God did him a great favour, on a Saturday afternoon, a strange woman came to his room when she knew his wife is not around to tempt him, but he overcame and the Lord compensated him with an album titled “Oriki awon omo ebi Olorun

Mrs. Olanike – She said when she was pregnant, She consistently hear a voice saying “You will not have this baby”, but God so good, She gave birth to the baby.

The General Secretary came up to introduce the D.G.O. for the Lecture

Topic: GOING HIGHER IN SPIRITUAL LIFE (2 Corinthians 5:17)

  • Spiritual growth isn’t automatic
  • We must emphasize obedience
  • Disobedience from the leaders spreads to the members
  • Godly sorrow will restore revival in this end-time
  • Obedience is the door to several spiritual growths
  • We should grow in all ramifications
  • You struggle because you haven’t yielded totally to the spirit
He further emphasized the need for going higher in a believer’s spiritual life, he said “growing spiritually is essential”.
He ended the teaching with “Flee Carnality, Grow Spiritually”

The morning session was moderated by Pastor Dr. Richard Adesoji
A book was launched in the memory of the First General Evangelist, Late Pastor Akapo. The book was first launched by all Exco Members followed by the Ministers and all other members who were allowed to launch it for a minimum of Five Thousand Naira Only (N5,000) and after the launching, it was sold for N1000 to the congregation .


The moderator for the evening service was Evangelist Ademola Agbeni. It started with an opening hymn, Hymn 350, after which the GOFAMINT Artistes took over the praise and worship session which was then followed by the congregational hymn, Hymn 23; The great physician now is near…
  • Mrs. ADEYEYE, HILLTOP ASS, Region 7 – I came last year with a baby, who fell sick immediately after birth, but during the ministration of our G.O, I keyed to his testimony and now, the baby is strong, alive and healthy.
  • Evang. Oluwanibaba, Ojoo Ass. – I had a ghastly motor accident when I was coming on Sunday, my car was badly damaged and crushed, but thanks to God, I and my daughter was not hurt. Indeed the Lord is a Saving God. Halleluyah!
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ajala, Ikere Ekiti – We give glory to the God of GOFAMINT, I and my wife got married in the year 2001 without a baby, she was strucked with a sickness that got her hospitalized for a long period of time, she almost lost her life, but at the end she’s healthy, alive and now we have a set of twins in the year 2016 and also, we were blessed with double portions of promotions. The God of Abina is a God of double blessings.
  • Mrs. Ayetigbo Omowunmi, Region 8 – I bless God for the marvelous thing He did for me, I’ve been looking up to God for a baby since 2008 and I’ve searched everywhere for a lasting solution which I didn’t get. I came to 2016 convention unaware that I was Four Months pregnant, they said I have fibroid, My God said, His will should be done. I bled so much that I almost died. All thanks to the God of GOFAMINT, I’m healed and the so called Fibroid is now a bouncing baby boy. Halleluyah!
The moderator introduced the minister for the night (Evang. E. Falade) and said he’ll be coming for his ministration immediately after the choir ministration.
Evangelist (Dr.) E.O Falade got on the pulpit and started his ministration titled: THERE IS BALM IN GILEAD (Jer. 8:22), He said Balm is a medicinal piece used in curing those who are sick. He affirmed the fact that there is Balm in GOFAMINT!


  • When you are still living in sin, you can never enjoy the blessing of God.
  • When you don’t do that which is right in the sight of the Lord, you can never enjoy His glory.
  • People won’t fight you when they know you have the weapon to fight
  • We are born again so we can shine again
  • My God, all that is making jest of my life, let them know that you’re my greatest helper
  • Turn my story to testimony oh God!
  • Father tonight, do the impossible in my life.
  • Lord, after tonight I refuse to stay at the bottom anymore.
  • Father, every accursed finger that has been pointed on me and my destiny, Catch fire now!
  • Every seed that the devil has planted in your life, Vomit it now.
  • Every form of sickness will be healed now in Jesus name.
  • Mrs. Bolanle, Ijebu Ode, (Non- GOFAMINT) – I’ve been suffering from breast cancer since January 2018, I operated it in May but still no difference. My daughter told me about this programme and I concurred and right now the pains are gone, and I’m perfectly healed.
  • Mrs. Funmilayo, Abesan District – I’ve been suffering from breast cancer also, but right now the pains are fully gone. Praise God!
The General Evangelist (Evang. Augustine Sossa) took over and prayed.
Indeed! The God of GOFAMINT is great!

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