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Opening prayer was said and afterwards was a worship encounter by the praise team.

The morning supplication was taken by Pastor Amos Olatuja (New York) and he worked on the topic: GOFAMINT Youths and Professionals shall operate at Higher Level. We proceeded with the congregational hymn, G.H.B. 55 – I know there’s power in Jesus’ blood…

Pastor Theophilus Ajadi mounted the pulpit for the morning tonic and he spoke on the topic: “POWER FOR SUPERNATURAL ADVANCEMENT TO A HIGHER GROUND”.


  • If you have Christ in you, you’re unstoppable
  • Christ is the power you need for advancement
  • The power to adjust is already in you
  • We must allow the spirit in God to generate excellence.
  • Wisdom puts you in charge of situations.
  • If Moses can be a god to pharaoh, then you are a god to your problems
  • Power comes when you create awareness
  • Jesus is not “A Way”, He is “The Way”.


  • See it; Change begins with a revelation
  • Say it; you have to declare who you are in Christ.

PRAYER: Father, increase my spirit for advancement.

The Deputy General Overseer (Pastor (Dr.) E.T. Oluwayemi) launched the new water packaging company of the church named: “Life Giver Water”, the General Overseer came up to pray and sanctify the water for use and for greater heights.

Pastor Folorunsho Abina started the teaching four with a session of motivational worship after the Choir Rendition.

Teaching Four: “GOING HIGHER IN RELATIONSHIPS” (1 John 4:20)


  • Your relationship with God will determine whether you’ll go to heaven or hell
  • Wherever you go in life, God has placed some people on your way.
  • Jesus through redemption has brought us into the family of God.
  • There are people you must not meet in life and there are people you must not miss
  • Relate with people equally, you don’t know who God has destined you with
  • Do good to everybody, irrespective of whatever or whoever they are.
  • Our tongues can build and destroy relationships
  • Your word creates feelings in other people.
  • Where and when you say your words matters than the words itself.
  • In all that you do, love should be centralized
  • Difficult people are important tools to becoming a better you.

PRAYER: Father, I forgive and release all that have offended me as you are an example of forgiveness.

Our Deputy General Overseer Pastor (Dr.) E.T. Oluwayemi was being prayed for as yesterday was his Birthday!

The Matron Abina’s Widows Foundation was awakened due to an encounter with her in the Dream by Pastor Folorunsho Abina, 120 women were mentioned, given gifts and were prayed for by the General Overseer. The session ended with the benediction done by the General Overseer.


The evening session started with an opening prayer after then the High Praise by the national praise team. Then, the guest artiste (Apala Jesu) for the night was invited on stage. In continuation of the session, the congregational hymn was rendered (Hymn 311 – I gave my life for thee…)

The first message for the night was taken by Pastor (Prof.) S.O. Ewuola (Rtd. DGO), he spoke on the topic: WHY ARE YOU BETWEEN TWO OPINIONS? (Joshua 24:1-end)


  • If you are between two opinions, then you’ll get nothing.
  • God is a jealous God; If you’re with Him, it should be Him alone
  • You cannot pretend to be holy
  • If you want full blessings, you need to be married to JESUS alone
  • Being in between two opinions will make you doubt your earlier belief.
  • Being between two opinions will never take you home.
  • If you doubt, you can’t go higher
  • If you rely on God, the Lord will help you
  • When you are afraid, you doubt.
  • No matter the size of your problem, Jesus alone is enough.
  • When you doubt God, you deliberately offend God.
  • Jesus is the only answer to every problem


  • If you are born again, being in between two opinions amounts to backsliding
  • It amounts to instability in church
  • You cannot please God


  • You can’t get anything from God
  • You’ll be disappointed and frustrated
  • You get God angry and you make God tired of you
  • God will release you to Satan

PRAYER: Oh Lord! Save me tonight, from the spirit of unbelief and doubt.

The first message was rounded up with an altar call and the Deputy General Overseer prayed.

The special members of GOFAMINT presented two songs titled “Going Higher”.

Evangelist Richard Usenu mounts the pulpit for the second message for the night titled: IN THE DAYS OF HIS POWER (Psalm 110:3)


  • When you did not keyed into the power of God, everything about you will fail
  • It takes peculiar Pentecostal experience to enter into the His power
  • Without personal Pentecost no one will enter into His power
  • Some have the Holy Ghost power but have lost its Fire
  • The day of God’s power changes everything
  • We need supernatural power and ability to make a difference
  • After the Pentecost, Christians pray willingly
  • With the power, the powerless become powerful
  • With the power, the weak becomes strong
  • Holy Spirit is our friend and our everything
  • Holy spirit gives the strength we need in time of battle
  • If your strength fails you, the spirit is present.

PRAYER: Everyone that hasn’t received the Holy Ghost, Receive it now!

The benediction was taken by the General Overseer (Pastor (Dr.) E.O. Abina).

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