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The Day 4 morning session started with Hymn 350, the verse 2 and the chorus, after which the Choristers went on for “throwback oldies praise”. Followed by morning supplication by Pastor C.O. Abe, he worked on the topic “GOFAMINT shall operate at a higher level of Financial Breakthrough and


It was an extremely powerful session as the congregation prayed so well.



  • Lord, give me great grace to do the work of ten years in one year, the work of one year in one month, and that of one month in one day.

The programme progressed as the congregational hymn was led by the national choir (Hymn 353 – When the host of Israel, led by God…).

The D.G.O. (Pastor E.T. Oluwayemi) came to introduce the speaker Rev. Dr. Gary Maxey for the morning tonic titled: The Early Church and Higher Heights: Principles and Prospects (1 Cor. 6:11)

He prayed and appreciated all ministers.



  • When we talk about the early church, we are talking about real Salvation
  • The lives of some Christians don’t reflect Jesus.
  • Repentance does not mean you are completely changed
  • The early church believed in the new birth
  • Holiness is the grace to be God’s own
  • When you are born again, your sins are automatically forgiven

PRAYER: I receive power and grace to go higher in holiness.


Pastor (Dr.) Segun Alawode was introduced by the moderator to give a talk on health, he advised the

Congregation to use the clinic and also to give their body rest.

Pastor S.A. Akinde came up to take the question and answer session.

The G.O. (Pastor E.O. Abina) came on the pulpit immediately after the Choir’s rendition for the Third Lecture.




  • If you want to go higher in life, you will have to work.
  • Through our work we serve both God and man
  • Work is work; it has nothing to do with relation. Do your work heartily
  • God has never blessed a lazy man, He blesses those who work
  • God’s blessing on your work is determined by your attitude towards your work
  • Be diligent in your work. Prov. 10:4
  • You need to acquire the necessary skills for your work. Be current in your work. Eccl. 10:10
  • Working is an opportunity to bless others.
  • If you are lazy, you can never be promoted.
  • Every time you work, you are either promoting or declining your business
  • Employers of labour must be fair, don’t treat your employees as slaves

He ended the lecture with “It is time to go higher!”




The evening session started with a testimony session

  • Pastor & Mrs Fabiyi (Ojoo, Ibadan) – We had delay in our family after our first child in the year 2004, we prayed, fasted and did a lot all to no avail, but thanks to God, last year was our year as we prayed and we got our baby girl. Praise God!
  • Mrs Adelani Bolanle (Ondo State)I had no baby since 2002, I had several tests and the result was that my fallopian tubes are blocked. I cried and prayed in last year’s convention. I felt that an operation was done on me in my dreams and I had the feeling that my fallopian tubes were unblocked.
  • Felicia In last year’s convention, I came concerning my 2 daughter’s wedding and now they are both married. Glory!
  • Kayode (Remo District) I came to fulfil a vow since 2013, I told God I wanted a baby and that if He gives it to me, I’ll come for a testimony in the following year, and now I have a baby. Halleluyah!
  • Mrs Esther Odunola Olowookere (Dominion Center, Adebamidele Area)I escaped kidnapping and theft on my way from church. Our God is a saving God!
  • Mary (Ajara Assembly)I came to the convention in the year 2016 very sad due to the sickness of one of my children, but the Lord cancelled it for me. Shout halleluyah!
  • Olaniran There is still a great love in this church. I met one of my old time friends on facebook who told me I should go to guru maraji for help, but no result, on my way back I met a family of GOFAMINT and I was introduced to Christ and now I’m saved and I’m treated like their own family.




Moderator: Pastor Samuel Kolawole Kudoro

Praises were led and followed by congregational hymn led by the national choirmaster.

The evening atmosphere was strengthened and incubated with inspiration and spirit when the National Choir had their musical night with a powerful session and selection of songs

Pastor Sunday Adu came on for the Message after the Choir Concert

He spoke on the topic: GOD WILL TURN YOUR SORROW INTO JOY (Phil. 4:4)



  • You need elements of faith for you to enjoy the Joy of God.
  • You need elements of hope to key into every spoken prophecy of Joy.
  • Paul praised God even in chains, i.e. in every situation around you, Rejoice!
  • You receive unspeakable and unconditional joy in the glory of God when you rejoice even in unpleasant situations
  • If you are not genuinely born again, you can’t enjoy God’s Joy.
  • The joy of salvation is a well of joy or source of joy
  • When you understand God’s word, you understand the principle of “Rejoice Always”
  • When the church compromises doctrine, they are affected by different sought of things.
  • Lack of fundamental strength makes some churches spiritually weak.
  • The redeemed of the Lord shall return with singing.
  • When you know the Lord, what you’re going through will have no power over you.

In conclusion, he said “Jesus has turned your sorrow into joy; he completed it on the cross of Calvary”.


  • What you are going through will not alter your state in Jesus Name.
  • Spirit of suicide, depression, sadness and guilt, Go out in Jesus Name.

The message was concluded in prayers and benediction by Pastor (Prof.) Ewuola.

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