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Category: Victory Month

DAY 18: SATURDAY, 19TH JANUARY, 2019 FOCUS: PROSPERITY TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL AND MOVE GOFAMINT FORWARD TEXT: Psalm 24:1-2,Hag. 2:3-9 INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYER Prosperity is a largely misconceived topic of the Bible by believers. There are different schools of thought on it. While some believe that believers are supposed to be prosperous, […]

Day 17: Friday 18TH JANUARY 2019 Focus: MANIFOLD GRACE AND WISDOM FOR OUR GENERAL OVERSEER TO PILOT GOFAMINT TO GREATER HEIGHTS Text: II Kings19:1-18   INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYER Like the Elijah of the Bible times, the Elijah of today, our General Overseer, Pastor Elijah Oludele Abina is a pillar of the kingdom. […]

DAY 16: THURSDAY, 17TH JANUARY 2019 FOCUS: OVERCOMING THE ENEMIES; RECOVERING THE LOOT Text:       I Sam. 30: 1 – 20 INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYER The story of the vandalisation of David’s campy by the Amalekites and the eventual victory of David and the consequent recovery of the lost items is an interesting story […]

DAY 15: WEDNESDAY 16TH JANUARY, 2019 FOCUS: GOFAMINT IN AFRICA – SHINING THE LIGHT OF THE WORD TO DISPEL ALL DARKNESS TEXT: ISAIAH 18, MATT. 2:15   INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYER Africa is as old as the Bible, dating back to Israel’s days of slavery in Egypt. It’s unfortunate today that a continent […]

DAY 14: TUESDAY, 15TH JANUARY 2019 FOCUS: LORD, HELP ME TO OBEY THE PRINCIPLE OF GOOD HEALTH TEXT: 3 JOHN 2, PROV. 14:30, PROV. 17:22 INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYERS It is a common saying that “Health is wealth”. But somebody has also said that “The greatest wealth is Health”. This is very true. […]

DAY 13: MONDAY, 14TH JANUARY 2019 FOCUS: O LORD, HELP US TO WALK IN OBEDIENCE TO MOVE GOFAMINT FORWARD IN 2019. TEXT: Isa. 1:19, Luke 5: 3-7   INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYER Simple obedience always produces accelerated and uncommon evidence of positive result. While on the other hand, gross or flagrant disobedience results […]

DAY 12: SUNDAY 13TH JANUARY 2019 FOCUS: O LORD, GRANT US THE HEART OF OBEDIENCE TO THE GREAT COMMISSION AND OPERATION ONE-WIN-ONE TEXT: Matthew 17:21, Mark 3:27, Isa. 14:15-17, 2Cor. 10: 4-5, Acts 4: 26-33; 5:42   INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYER If we can pray, we shall prevail and deliver the prey from […]

Day 11: SATURDAY, 12TH JANUARY 2019 FOCUS: O Lord, deliver me and my family from the spirit and strongholds of disobedience. TEXT: Ps. 78:10, Isa. 3:8, 1 Sam. 13:14, Josh. 5:4, Jonah 1:1-5, Eph. 2:2, 5:6, Rom. 7:18-25   INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYER The KJV dictionary defines disobedience as “neglect or refusal to […]

Day 10: FRIDAY, 11TH JANUARY 2019 FOCUS: Walking in obedience in building our families and the Church. TEXT: 2ND JOHN 1:16; EXODUS 19:5; EPHESIAN 5:25 INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYER And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you […]

Day 9: Thursday, January 10th 2019 Focus: Promoting Revival in our Families and the Church Text: Ps. 85:1; 2 Chr. 7:14; 29: 1-24; I Kgs. 9:1-9; 2 Chr. 6:37-39   INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYER If there is anything so needed in the Christian families and the Church today; is the need for revival. […]