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Category: Testimonies

I never thought I would develop this house at the initial stage…21 years ago when there was money in Nigeria, I couldn’t build this house, but now that there is scarcity in the whole world, God said to me: “My son, you will build this house.”…and according to His word, here we are today praising […]

RETENTION OF JOB AND UNUSUAL PROMOTION God used the theme of the convention for me “Divine Lifting”. I m a teacher  by profession, and the school where I teach took the decision of downsizing the  teachers in which I was involved. Their reason was that I have not brought my  certificate (NCE). I was using […]

DELIVERANCE FROM DEATH On the 31st of May last year, there was an armed robbery incidence, at Ado-  Ekiti, which took so many lives in which I was one of the victims of stray  bullets. I was taken to O.A.U hospital, Ife. At last my right hand was amputated  due to this incident. I give […]

RESTORATION OF HOME At the end of last year’s convention, when our father in the lord said the lord  asked him to decree a New Era. He said that there is a problem with someone’s  home, that whenever the person gets home he/she should tell her spouse that it  is a new era. I did […]

DISTINCTION IN EXAMS I thank God for seeing me through the university with good grades. I started  having problems with my results in my second year. I complained of stagnancy  in my CGPA to my department exam officer. It was noticed that someone has  been sharing my matriculation number with me and this caused the […]

ADMISSION INTO A UNIVERSITY ABROAD I finished secondary school in the year 2008, and ever since I have been waiting on God for admission into the university. I wrote UME countless times and made all, the post-UME(s) were not exemptions, but at the end of it all, I don’t get to see my name on […]

HIGH SCALE PROMOTION (A CAR PROVIDED) The last day of the last year convention, our G.O spoke prophetically on those  who were denied of their promotion and I keyed myself into it. This year in  May, God divinely took me out of a low estate to the peak of my carrier as a  head of […]