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DAY 6: MONDAY, 7TH JANUARY 2019 FOCUS: LORD, BAPTISE ME WITH THE GRACE AND POWER TO PRAY WITHOUT CEASING TEXT: 1Thes. 5:16-18, Col. 4:2, Luke 18:1, Dan. 6:10, Eph. 6:18, Rom. 12:12 INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYERS Prayer is a wonderful weapon. Prayer is one of the most important things a Christian can do […]

DAY 5: SUNDAY, 6TH JANUARY 2019 FOCUS: LORD, HELP ME TO OVERCOME THE PROBLEMS OF SELECTIVE OBEDIENCE IN MY LIFE AND FAMILY TEXT: 1SAM. 15:1-35 INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYERS Today, obeying the word of God is becoming more difficult simply because people do not want to do everything it says. Jesus said, “why […]

DAY 4: SATURDAY, 5TH JANUARY 2019 FOCUS: LORD, GRANT ME GRACE TO WALK IN OBEDIENCE TO YOUR WORD IN A GODLESS WORLD TEXT: PROV: 16:7, DEUT. 10:12-13, DEUT. 11:13-18, DEUT. 6:3, DEUT. 30:15-16,20. INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYERS Walking in obedience to God is the hallmark of genuine Christianity (Col. 3:22). Obedience to God […]

DAY 3: FRIDAY, 4TH JANUARY 2019 FOCUS: DISOBEDIENCE: OVERCOMING THE DANGERS OF GOING BEYOND THE WORD OF GOD. TEXT: NUMBERS 22:1-34   INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYERS Christianity is a life of obedience. The greatest test of life is obedience to God. Obedience is the key to victorious Christian life. God expects total obedience […]

DAY 2: THURSDAY 3RD JANUARY, 2019 FOCUS: MORTIFYING THE OLD MAN, PUTTING ON THE NEW MAN FOR IMPLICIT OBEDIENCE TEXT: ROM 8:13, COL 3: 5-14   INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYER It takes a new creature in Christ to walk in the newness of life (Rom 6:4). The old man had been crucified with […]

DAY 1: WEDNESDAY 2ND JANUARY, 2019 FOCUS: RAISING HIS PRAISE TO BRING DOWN HIS GLORY! TEXT: 2 CHRONICLES 5:13-14, PSALM 149-150, PSALM 100:4   INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYER Praise or adoration is giving worship, reverence and extreme honour to God. The Blood of Jesus gives us the right to access God’s presence, but […]