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(1 Samuel 30:4)

Message from Pastor (Dr) E. O. Abina,

The General Overseer of GOFAMINT

“Then David and the people who were with him lifted up their voices and wept, until they had no more power to weep” (I Sam 30:4).

Weeping is a reaction of human beings to events or happenings that are unpalatable. It also functions as a release valve of negative emotions. Sometimes, we weep as an act of loss, lack, regret, sorrow or mourning. Weeping is common to mankind, it is synonymous with pain because life is filled with ups and downs. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ wept at Lazarus tomb.

David and his men had gone to Ziklag where they had won the battle, they came back home to discover that their wives had been captured. Immediately, they started weeping.

There may be problems you are battling with that makes you to cry or weep; but know that:

  1. Every problem is temporary.
  2. Weeping while it may provide a release does not solve the problem.
  3. Too much weeping robs us of strength to confront the problem and overcome. David and his men wept until there was no strength left.

    The Bible says “the joy of the Lord is our strength”. Weeping robs us of the strength we need for recovery. Have you been robbed of your strength? Rejoice in the Lord and you will regain your strength. David knew his strength has been depleted through weeping so he encouraged himself in the Lord. Then, he sought counsel and God said “he should pursue and recover”.

    No matter how long you have wept, your problem is temporary. The Bible says “weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning”.

    If you are going through a night season,

  • I announce your morning of joy.
  • Every power behind your problem is now destroyed.
  • Whatever extract pains and tears from you is destroyed.
  • Whatever you have lost, pursue and recover them in Jesus name.
  • In Jesus name you will weep no more.
  • The God of heaven has wiped your tears away.
  • Instead of tears of sorrow, you will shed tears of joy.
  • It is well with you in Jesus mighty name.

One thought on “WEEP NO MORE

  1. IJIDAKINRO Emmanuel Oluwaseyi

    Amen… I weep no more.

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