Genesis 26:28-29; Psalm 115:14-15

“That thou wilt do us no hurt, as we have not touched thee, and as we have done unto thee nothing but good, and have sent thee away in peace; thou art now the blessed of the Lord” (Verse 29, emphasis added.)


By the grace of God, we are sure that this convention shall be highly successful and greater than the concluded ones. We are sure that the God of all grace, shall bless every participant and meet them at the very verge of their needs. After receiving such unprecedented blessings and witnessing His marvelous works and mighty move; what is left is for the people of God to go back home jubilating, witnessing His greatness and manifesting in newness of life and blessings. As we conclude the forty day fast for the convention today therefore, let us lift up our people to God so that they may go back to their various destinations telling forth what they have seen and radiating His glory.


  1. Heavenly Father, let each and every participant of this convention receive a new blessing from You before the convention concludes in Jesus’ name.
  2. Do new things in the lives of Your people oh Lord, and give them beautiful testimonies in Jesus’ name.
  3. Let every stubborn problem and disease give way and let there be solution and healings in Jesus’ name.
  4. Holy Spirit of God, deliver the captives and break their chains and fetters in Jesus’ name.
  5. We prophesy that each participant shall go home testifying to Your blessings and manifesting Your glory in Jesus’ name.
  6. We decree that the blessings and miracles received at this convention shall be permanent in Jesus’ name.
  7. Let new things begin in the lives of every GOFAMINT member as we conclude convention 2017 in Jesus’ name.
  8. I participated in this forty days fasting and prayer of this year. By the grace of and mercy of God, I shall be alive, hale and healthy to participate in that of the subsequent years in Jesus’ name.
  9. Oh Lord, as You release Your blessings upon Your people at this convention, I decree that I shall not be a spectator, I shall receive my own blessings in Jesus’ name.
  10. Oh Lord, let me reap the rewards of prayer and let others see the evidences of answered prayers in my life and family in Jesus’ name.
  11. Father, renew my body, soul and spirit and strengthen my inner man in Jesus’ name.
  12. I decree that the arrow of vengeance shall not hit me or any member of my family in Jesus’ mighty name.




Genesisi 26:28-29; O.D. 115:14-15

“Pe iwq ki yoo ze wa ni ibi, bi awa ko si ti fqwq kan q, ani bi awa ko si ti ze q ni nkan bikoze rere, ti awa si ran q jade ni alaafia: nisisiyi vni ibukun Oluwa ni q.” (vsv 29)


Nipa oore qfv Qlqrun o da wa loju pe ajqdun yii yoo ze azeyqri nla ti o ga ju ti awqn atvhinwa lq. O da wa loju pe Qlqrun gbogbo oore qfv yoo bukun fun olukopa kqqkan, yoo si ba wqn pade ni ikorita aini wqn gan an. Lvyin irufv ibukun meriyiri ati zize vlvri izv iyanu ati irin alagbara Rv, ohun ti o ku ni ki awqn eniyan Qlqrun pada sile pvlu ajqyq, ki wqn maa jvri si titobi Rv, ki wqn si maa farahan ninu igbeaye qtun ati ibukun. Nitorinaa bi a ti n pari aawv ogoji qjq lonii, v jv ki a gbe awqn eniyan wa soke si Qlqrun ki wqn baa le pada si ibugbe wqn kqqkan ki wqn maa sq ohun ti wqn ti ri ki wqn si maa fi ogo Rv han.



  1. Baba qrun, jv ki olukuluku olukopa ninu ajqdun yii gba ibukun qtun lqdq Rv ki ajqdun qhun to pari ni orukq Jesu.
  2. Ze awqn ohun titun ninu aye awqn eniyan Rv Oluwa ki O si fun wqn ni vri alarinrin ni orukq Jesu.
  3. Jv ki gbogbo izoro ati arun olorikunkun parada ki ojutuu ati iwosan si wa ni orukq Jesu.
  4. Vmi Mimq Qlqrun, da awqn onde silv ki O si ja zvkzvkv ati ide wqn ni orukq Jesu.
  5. A sqtvlv pe olukopa kqqkan yoo lq sile pvlu vri lvnu wqn si ibukun Rv, wqn o si maa fi ogo Rv han ni orukq Jesu.
  6. A pazv pe awqn ibukun ati iyanu ti a oo ri gba ninu ajqdun yii yoo jv ajvmqnu ni orukq Jesu.
  7. Jv ki awqn ohun titun bvrv ninu aye qmq ijq GOFAMINT kqqkan bi a ti n mu ajqdun 2017 wa si idanuduro.
  8. Mo kopa ninu aawv ati adura ologoji qjq ti qdun yii. Nipa oore qfv ati aanu Qlqrun emi yoo wa laye ni ilera ati alaafia lati kopa ni ti awqn qdun to n bq ni orukq Jesu.
  9. Oluwa, bi O ti n yqnda ibukun Rv le awqn eniyan Rv lori ninu ajqdun yii, mo pazv pe emi ki yoo jv ero iworan, emi yoo gba awqn ibukun temi ni orukq Jesu.
  10. Oluwa, mu mi jv ere adura, si jv ki awqn eniyan ri ami idahun si adura ninu aye ati idile mi ni orukq Jesu.
  11. Baba, tun ara, qkan ati vmi mi ze ki O si fi okun kun qkunrin inu mi ni orukq Jesu.
  12. Mo pazv pe qfa igbvsan ki yoo ba mi tabi vnikvni ninu idile mi ni orukq nla Jesu.



  1. Calvary greetings to you all in name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please kindly update us on convention program daily. God bless you for your labour of love.


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