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Texts: Deut. 5:11; Luke 17:7-10; Exo. 1:7; Ps. 92:10; John 15:16; 2 Peter 2:9

INSIGHTS FOR EFFECTIVE AND FERVENT PRAYERS: God wants all His children to be faithful and be fruitful. Faithfulness and fruitfulness are two of the outstanding characteristics of healthy Christians. Any Christian who is not faithful and fruitful is a liability to the Church of God and thus, a minus to his generation. But no Christian can be faithful and fruitful without the power of the Holy Spirit (Micah 3:8) . It takes the genuine anointing of the Holy Spirit for believers to be faithful and fruitful. Without the enabling grace, power and strength from the Holy Spirit; no Christian can be truly faithful and fruitful.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit gives amazing strength in Christian service and warfare. Anointing brings God’s ability and power to every anointed minister and member. Anointing makes believers in Christ to have dominion over adverse circumstances of life. Anointing is God’s power on the believer, which enables him to get sweetless and sweatness results, in all his endeavours. Anointing empowers and enables believers to do extra-ordinary work, which results into fruitfulness. Anointing brings supernatural strength. It brings extra strength that makes the anointed adequate to face his foes and finish his works (Ps. 92:10-11).

  • FAITHFULNESS: Faithfulness is the quality of being faithful. And to be faithful means, to be steadfast in affection or allegiance, loyal, a faithful minister or member. It is firm in adherence to promises or observance of duty. How firm are you in adhering to GOFAMINT MEMBERSHIP CONVENANTS: Covenant of Service, Covenant of defence, Covenant of commitment, Covenant of faithfulness and Covenant of responsibility?. Are you keeping the promises you made to God? To be faithful also means, to be truthful to yourself and set a standard. Beloved, are you a bonafide member of Church, no matter the prevailing circumstance? Are you a faithful minister, worker, or member?

True to the Biblical standards of holiness, tithing, forgiveness etc.? Are you really loyal to Jesus and this Mission? To be faithful means, to resolutely stay with a person, group, or holding on to a doctrine, belief or idea, without waving despite the prevailing circumstances. Can all these be said of you? Are you resolutely staying with the person of Jesus in your journey of life? Are you resolutely staying with GOFAMINT, her cause, her fundamental beliefs and all what she stands for without wavering? Are you proud of GOFAMINT leaders? Are you not too critical about GOFAMINT that all you see is her weakness? Are you a reliable member, worker or minister? Can you really be trusted and believed by GOFAMINT? Just like Epaphras and Tychicus were identified as faithful ministers of Christ, can God identify you as a faithful member, worker, and minister of GOFAMINT?(Col. 1:7; 4:7) Therefore, my beloved, just like David and other godly people chose to walk the faithful way, the way of truth, you also ought to be a faithful member, worker and minister (Psalms 119:30).

  • FRUITFULNESS: Fruitfulness simply means to be fruitful. And to be fruitful means producing good results, beneficial; profitable. It is abounding in fruit. It also means, producing an abundant growth. God expects every member and minister of God in every Church to be fruitful. God appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, (John 15:16) producing much fruit that brings glory to the Father, and makes one His true disciples (John 15:8).

Fruit is the direct result of whatever controls our hearts (Matt. 15:19) Fruit is used by the scripture as the symbol of Spiritual maturity and well being. There are 3 areas, God expects us to bear fruit.

The fruit of the Spirit: This is a results of the work of Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian believer.True fruitfulness begins in the heart, with the fruit of the Spirit; which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness , goodness , faithfulness, gentleness and self- control (Gal. 5:22). “That inner fruit affects outward actions; our words and activities will glorify the Lord, and God‘s will is accomplished”

The Fruits of Righteousness: This is called the fruit of your Salvation – the righteousness character produced in your life by Jesus. Philippians. 1; 11 reads “Being filled with the fruits of righteousness”, God is glorified, when we are fruitful in good things. That is bearing fruit in every good work (Col. 1:10).

The Fruit of Soul-winning (Prov. 11:30; James 5:20 Daniel 5:20): This is bearing fruit of the Goodness of God’s grace (Col. 1:3-6). “This same good news that came to you is going out all over the world. It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace” (Col. 1:6). Beloved, are you bearing fruit for Jesus in Soul-Winning? Are you a barren Christian? It has been said that “The result of Spiritual Fruitfulness is that God is glorified, we grow and others come to know Christ- this is the ultimate fruitfulness for a child of God.” (Matt. 5:16; Acts 20:26-27; Mk. 16:15)


  1. Our dear heavenly Father, create in me, deep desire and strong passion for Faithfulness and Fruitfulness.
  2. O Lord, my God, make me healthy Christian, by being faithful and fruitful in my Christian service.
  3. Heavenly Father, help me never to be a curse and a liability to Your Kingdom, and to my Church.
  4. Heavenly Father, grant me the power of the Holy Spirit enabling grace, strength and divine ability to be faithful in all my dealings with You, My Mission and others.
  5. O Lord, make me to have dominion over all adverse circumstances of life that make one to be unfaithful and unfruitful minister and member.
  6. Holy Spirit, grant me Your supernatural strength to enable me to be faithful and fruitful in the service of God.
  7. Heavenly Father, grant me the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to faithfully keep all the promises, I have made to You and my Church.
  8. Our heavenly Father, grant me the grace, wisdom and power to be true to the Biblical standards of holiness, love, forgiveness, tithing, and faithfulness in all things.
  9. Lord, help me, and empower me to be a very fruitful minister, worker or member of Your true Church.
  10. O Lord, make my life to produce good results that are beneficial and profitable to Your kingdom and my Church.
  11. O Lord, help my life to bear the inner fruit that will affects my outward actions, words and activities positively.
  12. Father, let my life bear true fruitfulness of the fruit of the Spirit, which is love, joy, peace, patient , kindness, goodness, fruitfulness, gentleness and self–control.
  13. Lord, cause my life to be filled with fruits of righteousness, (Phil. 1:11), cause me to be fruitful in every good work.
  14. Lord, make me a fruitful soul-winner.


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