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  DAY 6 (MORNING SESSION) The programme started with opening prayer after which the national praise team led a wonderful praise and worship session. A chain prayer was conducted by God’s generals. They all centered on: Prayer for Nigeria and prayer for GOFAMINT universal. The moderator then invited the national choir to lead the congregational […]

DAY 5 (MORNING SESSION) Opening prayer was said and afterwards was a worship encounter by the praise team. The morning supplication was taken by Pastor Amos Olatuja (New York) and he worked on the topic: GOFAMINT Youths and Professionals shall operate at Higher Level. We proceeded with the congregational hymn, G.H.B. 55 – I know […]

DAY 4 (MORNING SESSION) The Day 4 morning session started with Hymn 350, the verse 2 and the chorus, after which the Choristers went on for “throwback oldies praise”. Followed by morning supplication by Pastor C.O. Abe, he worked on the topic “GOFAMINT shall operate at a higher level of Financial Breakthrough and Exploits. It […]

  DAY 3- MORNING SESSION The programme started with an unusual praise session led by the praise team leagues of saxophonist. It was indeed a “Saxopraise” session. The morning supplication was taken by Pastor Daniel Aghanenu (Numbers 23:1-4). The prayer was centered on GOFAMINT ministers for fire and added anointing, the General Secretary (Pastor Femi […]

DAY TWO (EVENING) GENERAL SUMMARY (MISSION NIGHT) The evening session started with a powerful high praise led by the National praise team, coupled with Mission Report from different fields. Loads of people from different area and assemblies were all on a very long queue to testify to the Glory of God in the previous convention. […]

LESSON 1                                  3/6/2018 CHRIST’S ROLE IN HISTORY Suggested Hymns: G.H.B. 3, 4 Devotional Reading: Col. 1:13-20 Topic For Adults: Get Right Information About Christ’s Roles Topic For Youths: Our Allegiance Is to Christ For His Roles Topic For Intermediates: Man Exists And Sustained Through Christ’s Roles Lesson Scripture: Jn. 1:1-5; Rom. 5:12-21; Rev. 5:1-5   […]